2021 will be the Year in which Costa Rica will celebrate its Bicentennial

    After the Pandemic, Costa Rica awaits you with open arms

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    If you need an excuse to visit Costa Rica beyond its rich and paradisiacal natural heritage, here it is: 2021 is the year the country celebrates the bicentennial of its independence. Vaccination has begun and we begin to see the light at the end of the long tunnel that 2020 became on account of COVID-19, a tunnel that still has a few kilometers left that we will travel under restrictions and with a mask on but that will surely pass.

    We already see the light and then the time will come to compensate for so much restriction, so much confinement, so much frustrated travel … what will be your first great trip when good traveling winds begin to blow? We propose you a spectacular destination: Costa Rica.

    A special year

    Costa Rica is always a good idea but in 2021 it will be even more so because it is an important year for the country, it celebrates its bicentennial; It will be the evolution of the COVID-19 Pandemic that sets the tone for the celebrations of this exceptional anniversary but, given that the official date of independence is October 29th and there are months ahead to advance with vaccination and control of the Virus, Costa Ricans are optimistic and are preparing for a year 2021, especially in its last months, with parties and celebrations throughout the country.

    It will be from September 15th when the highlights of the bicentennial festivities begin to take place, more than a month before the exact anniversary, of the date on which Costa Rica gained independence from Guatemala back in 1821, on the 29th of October 1821; The date of September 15th has not been chosen at random, it was the date on which independence was declared although this was not effective until October 29th when the delegates of the Tico peoples met in Carthage to officially declare it.

    Planning still underway

    We still do not have much information about the events, parties and celebrations that will honor the country’s bicentennial, we do know that the most notable will take place in Alajuela, Heredia, San José, Cartago, Ujarraz, Barva and Bagaces among other locations and,

    as the Pandemic subsides in the first part of 2021, we will be learning more data and details because the celebrations will be as spectacular as COVID-19 allows.

    And, beyond this special celebration, it should be remembered that Costa Rica is a paradise, a destination for lovers of sustainable tourism, bird watching, adventure and nature, rural and cultural tourism, sun and beach, of cruises and wellness …

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