The Global Council for Sustainable Tourism Awards Costa Rica Its Highest Recognition

Costa Rica’s efforts to develop and consolidate sustainable tourism, allowed the country to receive recognition from the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism. Increasing the country’s credibility, that translates into more international tourist presence, this being a fundamental source of employment and foreign exchange for the nation.
And it is that this recognition received by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), indicates that the country met the highest international standards, guaranteeing foreign visitors that the hotels, tour operators and restaurants associated with the sector apply the best practices in favor of the environment.
“The Global Sustainable Tourism Council is one of the most important organizations of its branch. This week we received the pleasant news that they granted us the National ICT Certificate, the recognition where it is officialized that our technical tool meets the highest standards,” said Virgilio Espinoza, head of the Department of Certifications and Social Tourism Responsibility of the ICT.
The recognition tells the world that Costa Rica continues to strengthen its crosscutting axis of sustainability with great dedication, which has been highlighted throughout the world in recent years, Espinoza added.
Sustainable Tourism Certification is a technical tool whose objective is to strengthen the touristic sector in Costa Rica; It was created by the ICT in 1997. It is a recognition of the excellent management by hotels, restaurants, tour operators, theme parks, vehicle rental companies, coastal marine operators, thermal water and spa companies, among others.

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