16 Reasons Why Costa Ricans Love Phuket, Thailand

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    Why does Costa Ricans love Phuket? After all, both are equally attractive tropical countries and one of the most popular among tourists. Still, those Phuket villas are full of Costa Ricans, and this is a testimony to the fact that Costa Ricans are crazy over Phuket.

    Phuket is indeed one of the most desirable tourist destinations and most people across the world, including Costa Ricans come here to have a good time. While both are tropical countries and are similar in many respects, they are quite different too in many aspects.

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    Here are some good reasons as to why Phuket is so much loved by Costa Ricans and is constantly one of the best tourist spots of Thailand.

    1. The fantastic nature- The first very good reason is nature. Although Costa Ricans enjoy great biodiversity in their own country, they find Phuket to be even more amazing. Nature here is well-preserved and quite wild, and there are exceptionally good national parks and reserves.
    2. Warm and hospitable country – Phuket is also appreciated for being a warm and safe country. The locals are very nice, friendly and welcoming and Thailand is a very peaceful country and one can look forward to a great holiday here.
    3. Wedding (prenuptial, engagement session) in Phuket, Thailand.

      Great weather- Although Costa Rica and Phuket are located are close to the equator and enjoy year-round warm weather, Phuket is generally a little warmer and better when it comes to climatic conditions. It is one of the countries that is known for the best climate in the world.

    4. The gorgeous beaches – While the beaches of Costa Rica are stunning, Phuket beaches to are equally stunning and a lot safer for swimming. The beaches here are a cleaner, and safer as the coast of the small Central American country is known for dangerous waves and can make swimming a bit risky.
    5. The clearest waters- Costa Ricans fall in love with the clearest and most beautiful water around Phuket. The waters are warm and clear and just perfect for swimming. The open, warm oceans look inviting and once can enjoy swimming at any time of the day.
    6. The fun adventure- Costa Ricans love the fun adventure they can enjoy in Phuket. Thailand is culturally amazing, and a stay at Phuket makes for a relaxing holiday. It is a lot easier to get around in the city and less expensive. Thailand is generally a much safer place than Central America, and the adventurous sports here are less expensive. Here, you can go ahead and enjoy all the magnificent things you want to experience.
    7. A wide array of water sports – When compared to Costa Rica, Phuket is a much more attractive place for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and other water sports. There are plenty of islands and beaches here with calm beaches and clear waters that are safe and suitable for the family. One can enjoy Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, water rafting and more.
      Sunset in Phuket
    8. A lively atmosphere- What Costa Ricans love about Phuket is its dynamic and lively atmosphere and never-ending entertainment. There are many great possibilities for fun here because of the regular influx of tourists visiting this country. It is famous for its numerous bars, restaurants, and an exciting nightlife.
    9. The Thai food – Undoubtedly, Phuket is also loved for its food that is more appealing and attractive to Costa Ricans and other tourists. Prepared with local fresh produce of vegetables, herbs and spices, the food here is rich in flavors and aromas. The variety of fresh fruits is really fascinating. Costa Ricans get the chance to experience new culinary sensations.
    10. A fascinating history – Phuket has an ancient history that makes it more interesting and desirable for the Costa Ricans. One can find signs of influences of Portuguese, British and French all over the country. Visit Phuket’s Old Town to look at Portuguese architecture and the exciting and informative museums to learn about Phuket’s history.
    11. A unique architecture – The architecture in Phuket is entirely different from anything else in the world. Those ancient Buddhist temples are indeed impressive and amazing and carry a serene ambiance that is most inviting. The Wat Chalong complex and the Big Buddha are the highlights not to be missed on Phuket.
    12. The exotic experience- Phuket is indeed more exotic and far cheaper overall. Not many places compare to Thailand and offer the same vibe. It is very touristy and offers a better party scene and excellent diving spots.
    13. Phuket boat

      Great for retirement – Phuket is indeed a great place to not just holiday but to retire too. One can live in a property overlooking the picturesque coastline and turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. There are many Costa Ricans who say that retiring in Thailand is the best decision they have taken.

    14. A relaxed lifestyle – What makes Phuket popular is its carefree lifestyle and comfortable life. It is well connected to other destinations thanks to the international airport. Costa Ricans are drawn to the comfortable and convenient lifestyle.
    15. Great seafood – Phuket is famous for some of the best seafood and at very affordable prices. This is the place where one can enjoy their favorite seafood recipe to their heart’s content and at very low costs. Phuket serves authentic seafood in a range of mind-blowing flavors.

    Affordable accommodations – Phuket offers some incredible accommodation options that suit all budgets. One can check out the highly rated hotels or the beautiful colonial building with a beautiful garden and unique rooms. Or, they can look at budget hotels as per their preference and pocket.

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