You Should Not Do These Things When Waking Up!

These Habits Might Influence Your Body’s Biological Clock

At the time we wake up, we all have specific habits. That is, when we finally manage to open our eyes after a few hours of sleep, Some usually go directly to the shower others prefer physical activities rather than drinking and some have a consistent breakfast to perform throughout the day.

Everyone does exactly what he considers best. But we must ask ourselves if these customs will be beneficial to our health.

There are some tips for what we should never do when we try to detach ourselves from the pillow: several of these actions are more common than we expected and that is why it is worth a look.

Waking up randomly

By this, we mean that you should always have an automatic routine to wake up; never sooner or later than normal. People’s willpower is limited and sometimes there will be no good days to do things as well as on other occasions.

Not stretching your body

We know that it is not easy to welcome a new day, especially when blankets and our pillows are so beautiful in the mornings. Getting out of bed immediately is not good, either.

It is advisable to stay a few minutes with our eyes open and devote ourselves to stretching our bodies while we are still in bed.

With regard to this, psychologist Amy Cuddy says that stretching while we are still in bed serves to increase confidence, especially when facing the challenges of everyday life.

Following in the dark

Getting ready for school or work in the dark is a very bad idea. Science says that this habit gives your body an erroneous signal by telling it that it is still night and that you should sleep another little.

Although it sounds tempting, it is not recommended if you are about to start up with your daily responsibilities.

Do not split up curtains; do not turn on the light; shelter everything under the sheets so as not to be clear is another mistake, because these habits influence your body’s biological clock.

Do not split up curtains immediately after you wake up; take your time -there is no rush to do it!

Exercising without having breakfast

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it must be nutritious enough. Exercising without having it is a mistake because you will not have energy and your metabolism will be seriously affected.

Leaving the bed without laying

Leaving the bed well laid as soon as you get up will generate a chain reaction of other good actions throughout your day. Your presentation is important for your self-esteem. You never know if a well-made bed can take you to make big things.

Drinking coffee immediately

Suggesting that you do not drink your cup of coffee right after waking up might not be well seen by most people. But it is proven that its effectiveness decreases if you drink it too early. According to experts, from 9:30 in the morning onwards would be ideal.

You should know that caffeine, indeed, contains chemicals that are stimulants for the body and helps us to wake up effectively. However, it is not advisable to take it too early.

Using 10 or more minutes before waking up completely

In the opinion of experts, using another 10 or 20 minutes to wake up little by little, not only makes them waste valuable time, but leaves them stunned and much less fresh to start the day. That’s why it is better to gather all your energy and get up as quickly as possible.

Postponing the alarm setup

Delaying the alarm, even 5 or 10 minutes, takes its toll during the day. When the alarm is postponed, the sleep cycle is activated again, so the god ‘Morpheus’ immediately visits us and we fall for granted.

The problem comes later: after those minutes, upon waking up, we will have interrupted that pleasant, brief, but an intense dream, which will make us wake up a little dazed.

Actually, although what we want is simply to extend our rest a little bit more, we will get the opposite. That way we will start confusing our bodies, which will not be able to recover in order to start the day with energy.

Looking at your smartphone apps

Imagine this picture: you just turned off the alarm clock, your eyes are ajar, and what better way to connect with the real world than taking your smartphone. Surely you will read those WhatsApp messages that your contacts wrote to you earlier in the morning; you will also check the weather report, and you will even take a look at your accounts on other social media plus emails.

Do not get stressed while checking your up social media messages, especially at the moment you wake up

But take this into account: Facebook, Twitter, and any other…  they can just be checked up later. Although you will like to start the day well informed but one piece of news leads to another, an email gives us a conversation, and we still do not dress. Almost without realizing it, we will become prisoners of such a digital technology…

“Everything that starts well will surely end well. So adopting good manners, and turning away from all those things that do not benefit our health, is a way to keep our minds relaxed and the body willing to face the challenges of the new day”.

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