Best Holiday Destination for Adventure Lovers? Costa Rica, Of Course!

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Do you have in mind your first adventure vacation in Costa Rica? With all the endless activities available here to raise your adrenaline and thanks to the various adventure tourism operators in the country, you will discover the beauty of the natural wonders of this authentic Garden of Eden.

Costa Rica has lush rainforests, imposing volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and one of the greatest biodiversity to present many natural package options, like, rafting in its rivers, direct contact with exotic wildlife like sea turtles, alligators and endless bird species or interacting with the native indigenous Bribri community.

Adventure hiking in the Natural Parks

All the natural spaces that the country offers are protected and there are 20 national parks and 8 nature reserves. The most visited is Manuel Antonio National Park in the province of Puntarenas, Central Pacific Coast. In this ecological showcase, there are 352 species of birds, 109 mammals, and 346 plant species. This park offers you some unbeatable alternatives like, hiking through the jungle with expert guides and kayaking and don’t miss out swimming in its beaches. Also, Corcovado National Park, southeast of Manuel Antonio is a virgin natural garden you must visit.

If rafting is on your mind, here you can choose from a variety of rivers that. For whitewater rafting, the country has several options, among the most familiar and for those who are beginners the Savegre, Balsa, Tenorio, Colorado, Sarapiqui or Pejibaje Rivers are alternatives. And if you already have experience in this sport, your options are the Pacuare, Naranjo, Toro or Cucaracho rivers. All these options are safe if you hire expert guides.

Canyoneering in La Fortuna

This adventure sport consists of the descent of the waterfalls formed in the canyons. Various techniques are used here from walking and swimming to climbing or rappelling. Also, this area is known for its hot springs, which helps the Arenal volcano constant activity. These waters are famous for their healing and cosmetic properties since they have a wide variety of minerals. The small eruptions of the Arenal volcano create an impressive spectacle that can be observed in its maximum splendor at night. Windsurfing tournaments and boat rides are held in the Arenal Volcano lagoon.

Go on a cultural adventure with the Bribri indigenous community

The Bribri, native inhabitants of the Talamanca region still retain their language. They are dedicated to fishing, hunting, agriculture, and handicrafts. They stand out for being the largest indigenous group in the country. The Yorkin River, which marks a natural limit between Costa Rica and Panama, is not very accessible but it is worth approaching to discover the customs and culture of the Bribri indigenous community that live here. Spending time with the community is an experience that you will always remember on your adventure vacation in Costa Rica.

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