The “world wind” Festival was participated by Mongolian, “Altain Orgil” band, in Taiwan.
The purpose of this Festival is to introduce, announce cultural heritage and folk art from different corners of the world. Taiwan, Costa Rica, Kirghizstan and Mongolia were participating in the Festival. Mongolian “Altain Orgil” band was wearing traditional special designed felt clothes.

They played concert with stringed musical, “Khuumii” and African-Spanish hand drum mixed. The festival organizers called “Altain Orgil” is “music with melodiously, individual style” and tribute handed. Mongolian first “Khuumii” competition’s best band “Altai Orgil” was founded in 1993 and has eight components, such as throat singers, dancers and contortionists.

In addition, this band attended the Festival by IOV public art organization branch of Mongolia.