Work on Your Personal and Physical Aspects in Order to Live in a Healthier Environment

    If those around you are with a negative attitude, this will definitely affect you directly

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    Have you felt that no matter how hard you work to have the best state of mind and attitude towards life and work, you cannot do it? According to some studies, this is closely linked to your closest environment, if the people closest to you and the spaces where you spend more time generate stressful, negative emotions and tense environments, evolving will be very difficult.

    This is confirmed by Diego Benítez, director of Empodérate and also Life Coach. “Our closest environment is approximately the 5 people with whom we relate the most and if they are with a negative attitude, little empowerment, it will definitely affect you directly”, added Benítez.

    Investing to strengthen our personal environment

    Therefore, one of the recommendations provided by the expert is that we must invest and work to strengthen this environment in areas such as attitude, positivism, mental and physical health and empowerment.

    “In the times that we live in, we need a strengthened close environment, so we must stop seeing selfishly how their emotions and moods manage them; work with that environment, strengthen it, so that it can help them and us.

    One of the key points addressed by the expert is that, by mistake, people see only other people as an environment and this is not the case, the physical space, where we spend more time is our environment: our room, office, among others.

    Creating the adequate environments

    “We must work to create environments in these spaces that generate the emotions we seek. For example, if we spend a lot of time in our room or office, look for an orderly, ventilated space, with aromas that move positive emotions and include the music that generates the emotion you want for that day”, added Benítez.

    Finally, the expert assures that working in the personal and physical environment will be very positive for his personal and professional life.

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