Work on the New San Jose Jade Museum to Start in 2013

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    Work on the New San Jose Jade Museum to Start in 2013 (Archive Photo)
    San Jose, Costa Rica -The bid for construction of the new Museum of Jade was published last August 21 and there are 42 domestic and foreign companies interested in bidding to be responsible for the work.

    According to the Executive Chairman of the National Insurance Institute (INS)-forerunner-project, Guillermo Constenla, no date set for the start of construction, but we hope to have it ready by the end of 2013, along with the Trauma Hospital.

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    “We hope to have by the end of next year, is a much less than the trauma hospital and we have it for December. The building is much smaller, much less complex, there’s no reason that if the company Van Der Laat and Jimenez Hospital Trauma ends in December, awarded the Jade Museum can not do in a similar term, “said Constenla.

    Among the companies involved are new and old acquaintances by the INS, as the same Van Der Laat and Jimenez, whom the Trauma Hospital. Also listed companies build, Zurcher, PM Three hundred sixty, Linearte SA, Gensler Costa Rica, AP builder, Mude SA, Heriel, Copisa, Megamuseos Consortium, Diseyco, Cy G Engineering and Construction, Intec International Consultécnica, Piasa-Edica, GCI Engineering, construction Ap, STC, Disegco, Red Bank, Navarro and Aviles, Rojas and Associates Architects, SAAR, MUSEAL, FCC Construction, Construction BOF, Vanguard, among others.

    The work will cost approximately $ 12 million, will be located in the Plaza de la Democracia, opposite the National Museum and will house a collection of pre-Columbian pieces, at this time, are embodegadas because today’s facilities, located in Central Bank, there is no room for display.

    “This is a project that the INS developed without government involvement, obviously, the Government supports the implementation of projects that are of public interest, and come to strengthen the state, one for the better health of Costa Ricans and other to improve the culture, “said Constenla.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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