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    Bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and traversed by a succession of volcanic mountain ranges, Costa Rica is a travel destination that has much to offer nature lovers. The country has managed to preserve in an exemplary way a great variety of habitats for the current enjoyment of the many visitors who come to know the destination each year.

    On the western coast, the jungle juts out into the sea, as in the Manuel Antonio National Park. In contrast, to the north, the Guanacaste mountain range accumulates volcanoes that leave space for a series of ideal beaches, surrounded by tropical jungle.

    For its part, on the Caribbean coast there are many galapagos in Tortuguero National Park, as well as the options to practice adventure sports on the tops of the trees or on horseback. All this diversity of options also has excellent tourist infrastructures and the advantage that the whole country does not occupy a large area.

    To get an idea, just know that from coast to coast there are only 120 kilometers, while the distance from the extreme north to the furthest point in the south is 430 km, so that, if desired, it is possible to cross in a single day from a dry moor to a jungle, passing through beaches surrounded by mangroves.

    From national parks and active volcanoes to wonderful beach towns and coffee plantations. These are the wonders of Costa Rica. We want you to discover the best places to visit in this country and also the tasty cuisine of Costa Rica.

    That is why here are the Wonders of Costa Rica that you cannot miss on your next vacation:

    Manuel Antonio National Park

    Here you will find a lush tropical jungle that has the best white sands of the Pacific coast. Monkeys play in the treetops and are skilled food thieves. We encourage you to explore the trails of the rainforest or snorkel in its dream beaches.


    Shrouded in a humid mist that keeps the foliage electric green, this cloud forest reserve is home to the beautiful quetzal bird. Also of more than 450 species of orchids. Hit the trails, and take a canoe tour. You can also visit coffee plantations and taste the most famous cheese in the whole country.

    Arenal Volcano

    Molten hot lava used to pour out of this perfectly conical volcano. Fortunately, in recent years the activity has calmed down. Although from time to time it still expels smoke and visits to the crater are prohibited. The Arenal National Park is an adventure zone. There you can fly through the canopy with rack wires, visit the hot springs or cross suspension bridges to get as close as possible to the epicenter of the volcano.

    Tortuguero National Park

    The endangered green turtle comes here to lay its eggs. Observing them dragging their enormous forms on the beach at night is a truly magical spectacle. As is admiring the tiny hatchlings making their way through the water for the first time. If you decide to visit this park you must be especially careful with all species of plants and animals. The fines in this case are no joke.


    If you like undeveloped beach towns with a healthy dose of Caribbean charm, pristine beaches and dirt roads, you will love this corner of the east coast. It is surrounded by the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. It is also an ideal place to snorkel among spectacular coral reefs. It is a very rural destination and where everything is unusually authentic. Starting with the friendliness of the people and ending with the local cuisine that can be tasted in small restaurants.

    Golfo Dulce

    A tropical fjord on the Pacific coast, it is one of the wettest places on Earth. The rainforest is perfect for bird watching, such as scarlet macaws, toucans, and hummingbirds. In addition, its waters are ideal for surfing, fishing and snorkeling. It is therefore a perfect destination to satisfy groups made up of athletes and observers in equal measure. Or to carry out both activities at different times, if necessary.

    Corcovado National Park

    One of the richest national parks in biology in the entire country of Costa Rica. The rainforest and mangroves of Corcovado are home to big cats. Like the jaguar, tapirs, giant anteaters, and scarlet macaws. While its river is home to crocodiles and bull sharks. If you want to feel like you are living in a nature documentary, this is where you have to go.


    This northern area of ​​land leads to the Nicaraguan border, which is home to the active Rincón de la Vieja volcano. It has savanna and tropical forest, as well as some of the most famous and wonderful beaches in Costa Rica.

    Coffee plantations of the Central Valley

    The bustling capital of Costa Rica is surrounded by fresh green peaks, which are perfect for coffee production. It is also home to beautiful and traditional villages. You can visit beautiful plantations to learn how coffee is grown, processed and roasted. You can even spend the night in some of them, since they have been converted into boutique hotels.

    Limón Carnival

    After relaxing in the shelters of the rainforest and on the pristine beaches of Costa Rica, it’s time to embrace a more party spirit. In October, carnival is celebrated in the Caribbean city of Puerto Limón. An explosion of quirky and colorful costumes with everyone dancing in the streets. This is where the country’s Caribbean culture comes to life, undoubtedly being one of the greatest wonders of Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica is a beautiful jungle country in Central America. It has coasts on the Caribbean and Pacific oceans and has some of the best beaches in the world. Come visit it if you want to know its diversity of landscapes and natural wonders. Costa Rica offers visitors adventure, relaxation, romance, and exploration.

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