Since This Past Friday Comet “Leonard” Can Be Seen in Costa Rica

    You have to look towards Venus to find it

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    Comet ‘C / 2021 A1’, popularly known as “Leonard, is now visible in Costa Rica. For that, people will have to look in the direction of the planet Venus, because the body will be right on its left side. Every passing day it will be higher and rise as the days go by, until December 31st we will be able to see it rising next to Venus.

    The celestial body was discovered this year by astronomer Gregory Leonard, hence its name. Its closest approach to Earth began on December 12th, being first visible from the northern hemisphere.

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    Until January 3rd

    It is estimated that it can be viewed from our country, with greater precision, until next January 3rd, when it reaches its closest point to the sun. For now, experts recommend the use of binoculars to better notice its presence, although it is not ruled out that it is visible with the naked eye.

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