Will Bush and “The Tush” Tie the Knot?

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    by Sydney R Lawson – TCRN Staff

    New Orleans Saints running back, Reggie Bush (24), is enjoying his Super Bowl victory with bootylicious girlfriend, Kim Kardashian (29). The talk of Hollywood is Bush and Kardashian, known as “The Tush” for her famous derriere, are getting engaged now that The Saints took home their first Bowl win.

    Regardless of breaking up during summer 2009, and Kim constantly being put on blast for her infamous sex tape with R&B singer, Ray J, this hot couple is still together. On top of that sexy Latina model, Carmen Ortega, claims that she and Bush had an ongoing affair and that she has a threesome sex tape with Reggie to prove it! There is even a YouTube video of Ortega giving an “MTV Cribs” tour of Reggie’s home in the Hollywood Hills, saying that they had “nice hot tub memories”

    Despite the drama, Bush and Kardashian appear to be going strong and very much in love. The Saint and reality TV star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” have been tweeting about taking a romantic, tropical vacay. Kim tweeted, “Vacation time is here!!! Where should we go this year? Definitely tropical!” Reggie tweeted back, “Yeah def somewhere relaxing & tropical with massages and spa’s everyday!” Kardashian even put her L.A. condo on the market so her and Reggie could buy a house together.

    Did Kim and Reggie make a deal if The Saints are Super Bowl victors they are going to get married? Are they secretly engaged? Is this a publicity stunt to increase the ratings for her TV show?

    Whatever the case may be we wish the Bush and The Tush all the best. Maybe there will be another Kardashian baby on the way. Kim and Reggie… talk about winning the genetic lottery in the looks department!!

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