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    How important it is to keep our brain active. Cognitive stimulation through brain training allows us to improve our brain health. But we are not only talking about memory and learning, but also about attention-processing speed, language, perception, executive functions, orientation, praxias, gnosias and level of intelligence. We give you several tips so you know how to train your brain to keep it agile and young.

    Everything that involves a challenge or learning is essential for our development. We have to try to learn new things and get out of our comfort zone. If you do a new activity, you will cause the brain to stimulate various brain areas and start working.

    What activities do we recommend?

    It has been shown that the habit of reading every day is an important protective factor against cognitive deterioration, whether it is reading newspapers, books or magazines.

    The brains of 50-year-olds who meditate are very similar to those of 35-year-olds. It only takes 10 minutes for this practice that allows us to leave our minds blank.

    Do cognitive activities
    Perform different cognitive activities such as doing sudoku, crossword puzzles, board games such as chess or checkers, card games, logic games…

    Learn new activities
    Learn new skills that stimulate our brain, such as learning a language, playing sports, taking up a craft, listening to music…

    Carry out artistic activities
    It is proven that the arts stimulate the brain and encourage creativity.

    Habits that can ‘ruin’ your brain

    Screen abuse
    Who doesn’t look at their cell phone when walking alone down the street? Nowadays the mobile phone has become another extension of us, an essential accessory in our daily lives. The problem is that it is difficult to have full concentration if we abuse the concentration of the screens.

    Doing just one thing is, believe it or not, very useful for the brain. It allows us to focus attention. How many times have you been reading a book or listening to a podcast, and you had to go back because you started listening to someone else’s conversation or looked at your phone?

    Listen to loud music with headphones
    Did you know that hearing loss is associated with dementia?

    Search everything on Google and AI
    Didn’t you previously know several phone numbers by heart? We have reached a point where we do not try to remember, but rather we directly search Google for the answer.

    Don’t socialize
    Having a community around us is more important than we think. In fact, according to Harvard University, socializing is the key to avoiding the onset of depression.

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