Why both Women & Men Should Massage Their Breasts

Contrary to popular belief breast cancer not only effects women.

Men can get breast cancer too.

What ??? I hear you squeal.

Before you get your boxers in a knot and freak out with a truck load of fear ( as you guys have the prostate relationship to heal and jump into ..or up to .. ) the stats are in at only about 1%

There are suggestions that changes in your genes or hormone levels contribute to the factor but like many dis-eases in our bodies it is said that “no one” knows exactly what causes male cancer.

So whilst 1% of men would be advised to massage their breasts, both men and women would be well advised to get on the train of massaging women’s breasts more often.

Like way more often.

Fact number one ladies.

They are yours.

Yours to love. Yours to look after and yours to adore.

Don’t be waiting for age and fear to catch up with you that leads you to handing the health of your mammary glands over to a doctor and a metal machine that squeezes them tight.

Ancient cultures rooted in Daoist traditions have always taught their young maidens to self care. It is only since our so called modern cultures handed our health and well being over to the medicinal world that women have had such a disconnected relationship with their breasts.

Even more strangely common is whilst women are not taught to love and care for their very own breasts by elders as they come into their menzies their breasts have been shoved into the advertising world to sell products and lifestyles.

To this day a woman can have her account on social media removed and her business banned if she dare uploads an image that shows her very own nipple, half of a nipple or even an image of a slither of her nipple. As the powers to be criminalise the female body the advertising giants use it to make money.

Many young girls grow up with taunts of how their breasts are too big, too small, uneven, showing too early, showing too late and just not perky enough. Our so called acceptable status hinges on our natural breast development. Because the world at large has a god damn opinion about it.

Every single day.

This is why when a woman repairs her relationship with her breasts she repairs her relationship with the world.

When she cultivates love for her own breasts she cares less and less what the rest of the world thinks about them or how they should be,

This my lovers is the grand step to ease instead of “dis-ease”.

Breast massage is often assumed to be only for sexual stimulation.

Yet with a daily massage practice for your breasts you will very quickly notice improvements in your health, moods, the appearance of your breasts and boost in self confidence.

Breast massage is a relaxing, invigorating, energy-releasing, and healthful anti-aging practice that you literally have at your fingertips. And further more scientific research has shown that massaging your breasts helps significantly in reducing risks of Breast Cancer.

This is because you are detoxifying your breasts. The stimulation encourages blood flow and promotes the production of female the hormones prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen which encourages cells to expel cancer-causing chemicals from breast ducts. ( officially stated by Professor Tim Murrell, of the Department of Community Medicine, at the University of Adelaide. But known for thousands of years in ancient cultures.

Need more reasons to lovingly play with your own breasts?

The lymphatic system is stimulated by massage. This system is responsible for draining toxins in the body. So you can imagine all the nasties that stay stuck by ignoring your breasts. No thank you. Massaging your breasts increases blood flow which in turn helps clear your body of toxins.

By the sheer nature of increased blood flow that well oxygenates and detoxifies tissue results in tightened and toned tendons and muscles. This means your very own natural breast lift and filling. ( due to increased levels of prolactin ) If saggy breasts are a real concern for you then honey get massaging. Each time I have an influx of female clients and I am finding myself massaging my breasts sometimes quite a few times a day as I am teaching all the different methods, my breasts get fuller and perkier.

So much fun.

Among the many health benefits of breast massage it also has to be noted that for mothers of babies this kind of massage is paramount.

No matter what company is trying to pull on your emotions and tell you that “they” can provide your babies with nutrition, it is actually your breasts that do the best work. And massage supports the healthy transformation of fluids into breast milk. And the health of your breasts that allow you to ease-fully feed your baby.

The breast is a highly complex organ. It undergoes more changes than any other body organ – from birth, puberty, pregnancy breastfeeding all through to menopause. Women’s breast, each is made of specialised tissues known as glandular tissue which is organised into 15- 20 sections called lobes where milk is produced.

And as we all know as we have all been born from a woman, breasts contain mammary glands that produce milk, as well as a complex network of lobes, ducts, blood vessels, fatty and fibrous tissues, and lymphatic tubes.

So lovers. If you do not have a healthy squeezy tactile relationship with your melons yet, it Is high time you did so before your doctor beats you to it.

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It is a very content rich offering for women.

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Always with Pleasure

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