How to Maintain a Stable Love Relationship in Spite of the Adversities That May Arise

We all want to enjoy a stable, pleasant, and passionate relationship. And vow to avoid unwanted love crises, and extend the stage of infatuation in which each of us contributes and shares the best of oneself with the aim of making the other person feel attracted, to the point of wanting to share their life with us.

But the truth is that while it is possible to achieve this, we need to be deeply in love with each other, have the willingness to do what is necessary to soften the friction of our personal differences and prevent the worries and stress of daily life from separating us, rob us of happiness and unleash the unwanted love crisis.

There are couples married for 26 years, empty nesters, without major responsibilities, with everything we think they would need to be happy in the company of each other. But their daily coexistence takes place in a kind of boxing ring, where for anything they start a discussion that can go on for hours and even lead them to bed without speaking to each other.

This situation, which has become a habit for many, robs them of the possibility of being happy together.

And it is that, in many cases, the stress that is generated from the worries and obligations that daily life produces, or from the frustration and emptiness that we can experience when we do not obtain the results that we expected or fail to achieve our goals, that transfers to our personal relationships, being more vulnerable the one with greater trust and intimacy, in a couple of relationships.

To prevent this crisis from becoming part of the routine in our relationships, let’s try to :

a)Talk without judgment and without looking for culprits about what worries us and affects us, with the intention of looking for tools that allow us to solve them.

b)Remain calm when one of the two is upset and stop the discussion by suggesting that it can continue when we are calmer to create agreements together.

c)Avoid the humiliating and acid offenses and comments that are the product of the discomfort that we experience, putting love and the desire to maintain the well-being of the relationship first.

Any couple will always face difficult times. There are many possibilities in which a couple develops and expresses emotions that are inherent in common life. Usually, after a love crisis there are hidden misunderstandings that accumulate over time. Many conflicts can destabilize the balance and harmony of the couple, but if they are accepted and managed rationally instead of trying to solve them. That is the difference between a happy couple, with possibilities of solving the crisis, and an unhappy couple, with the risk of breaking up.

Happy couples are those who, despite conflict and crisis, have created a climate of mutual trust, respect and admiration. For their part, the unhappy often lack commitments and useful tools to replace destructive approaches with constructive ones that help them solve their problems.

Maintaining a stable relationship turns out to be a challenge in which maturity, good sense, and understanding with which each adverse circumstance or breakdown that can occur can be resolved, are exceptionally important.

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