What is the Correct Path That Your Company Should Follow to be in the Cloud?

    Some companies delay their journey to the cloud because they find it expensive, don't trust the security of their data, or aren't ready for the change

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    The cloud is the path for any company that seeks innovation for its clients, as well as cost savings thanks to its immediacy, elasticity in the offer of services and availability from anywhere in the world.

    These attributes will be difficult to achieve with a traditional infrastructure, so it is important that companies that decide to be in the cloud prepare all their staff and adapt their processes for a successful journey.

    Understanding your business goals

    “The first step we recommend to start your cloud data migration process is to really understand your business goals. With this clear, the current state of the infrastructure and technological capabilities is determined. With these inputs, a roadmap is built that allows us to go to the cloud in an orderly manner and at the pace that the organization needs to make room for a higher maturity”, explained Eric Arosemena, Regional Manager of Hybrid Cloud at GBM.

    Before starting this process of reaching the cloud, GBM reminds us that it is important for organizations to have the basic infrastructure required for a successful migration.

    Following a correct and appropriate route for the type and needs of the organization will allow companies to take advantage of the multiple advantages offered by the cloud, which, if well applied and managed, offer a series of benefits to the business, such as reaching end customers in a more agile way, allow customers to access the company’s services and products wherever they are, keep the focus on business initiatives, leaving aside the maintenance of physical infrastructure and other operations sitting in the cloud, as well as savings of costs and times.

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