Whales Are On Sight This Summer in Costa Rica

    Like every summer, the humpback whales return to the waters of Costa Rica, and they can be seen from July to October

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    The first thing you should know is that Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that is open to tourism without restrictions to access the country, that is, they will not ask you for a vaccination card, or a negative PCR test or to quarantine the get to the country, so if you are not going to see with your own eyes the humpback whales that visit its coasts this summer, it will not be because Costa Rica is preventing you from this once-in-a lifetime experience.

    The first humpback whales from Antarctica to reach the waters of Costa Rica do so throughout the month of July and the last ones arrive between October and November, yes, in December you will be able to see these spectacular animals again because between December and In April it is the humpback whales of the Northern Hemisphere that arrive in Costa Rica and do so with the same purpose as those of Antarctica, to complete their reproductive cycle in the warm waters of the country of Pura Vida.

    A fantastic adventure

    Enjoying whale watching is a fantastic adventure: you will have to book your trip because the capacity on the boats that travel the coast in search of these animals is restricted and, once on board, you will only have to enjoy the wonderful views, of the snacks that will serve you and even some time practicing snorkeling. The excursion lasts between 3 and 4 hours and is suitable for the whole family.

    What is the ideal place in Costa Rica to enjoy humpback whale watching? Undoubtedly the Marino Ballena National Park, named for the whale’s tail shape that draws its rocky and sandy coast, this park is almost a must-see in Costa Rica at any time of year for its cliffs, its reefs, its beaches , its islands, its mangroves … but even more so in summer when humpback whales visiting its shores.

    Although the Marino Ballena National Park is the most recommended place to see humpback whales, it is not the only one, the Manuel Antonio National Park, which is also the most visited Protected Wild Area in Costa Rica by both national and international tourists, is also a good option


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