“Let’s Go Together”: Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2022 Already Has an Official Slogan

    The Costa Rican Football Federation unveiled the motto and emblem of the competition

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    In exactly one year, that is, on August 10th, 2022, the U20 Women’s World Cup will begin in Costa Rica. This past Tuesday, the organizing committee as well as the Costa Rican Football Federation unveiled the motto and emblem of the competition.

    “Vamos Juntas” (Let’s go together) is the slogan that seeks to inspire and empower all those women and young people who will be at the World Cup and the next generation of players. As for the emblem, it is a combination of Costa Rican biodiversity and traditions fused in the form of the trophy that will be awarded to the world champion team of that tournament.

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    Very colorful

    The color combination has its different meanings: orange represents volcanoes, while blue represents water from rivers and seas. In addition, green leaves are the biodiversity of the country.

    In the center are two symbols merged: the soccer field next to the typical cart with the colors of the country. In addition, it has 11 red circles that are 11 coffee beans representing the 11 players who will take to the field for each team. Finally, the typography that was implemented is inspired by the foliage of the Costa Rican flora.


    The Local Organizing Committee of the World Cup, through Víctor Umaña, was satisfied with the work that has been done until today, after suffering several delays due to Covid-19. “We are building on what we have already done. We are satisfied with FIFA for the support they have given us,” said Umaña.

    In a year, the idea is to be able to have an audience in the stands. That is the objective of the organization and from that they are working. “We are convinced that we will be able to play with the public present and we are working for that,” he added.

    The World Cup will be played in two venues: the National Stadium and the Morera Soto, strongholds that will receive a significant investment, mainly for the best on the pitch.

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