Weight Loss Attitude Part 2: Be Honest With Yourself

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    By TCRN Staff

    In Part 1 of this series we talked about the power you possess within yourself to decide to change any aspect of your life, and specifically your weight.

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    We hope we have inspired you to take the time to monitor your daily eating habits, to consciously decide what to eat, and to identify what prompts your cravings for food.

    The questions we posed to you in Part 1 are truly revealing. Seldom do we realize how often we use food as a means of emotional comfort, or simply, how often we eat or have snacks.

    Nevertheless, there are certain aspects that can impair your decision-making process. In order to make confident decisions, you must be able to be honest with yourself.

    We all know that the majority of people find it very hard to commit to losing weight or controlling a craving. The phrase we most often hear from people trying to lose weight or to quit something they crave is: “I’m struggling”.

    How refreshing would it be to instead hear: “I’m lazy”, “I’ve settled”, or “I blew it”. These are places from where you can actually move; maybe not without lots of effort, but to say that you’re struggling is more an excuse to indulge yourself than the truth of what is actually going on in your life.

    There is no need to be overly self-conscious or feel guilty for not being ‘better’ in your own eyes or in the eyes of others. This is all about being true to YOU.

    Logically, you can have regrets, and actually, remorse can be a very powerful decision-making mechanism; however, beating yourself up can ruin your progress as much as lying to yourself.

    Think about this… most overweight people, and some skinny ones too, are compulsive eaters. If you ask them, or yourself, “Do you wish to eat a chocolate bar every day for the rest of your life?” the answer will probably be, “certainly not!”

    And if we ask you, “Do you want to set yourself free from food addiction, feel energized and happy every day?” you would most likely answer, “Yes!” because that’s what you wish deep down in your heart. The desire is there even as you painfully indulge.

    For many, that desire just remains in an unfulfilled state because of an addiction, a craving, and a feeling fat mindset that controls them.

    You probably want to eat a chocolate bar; but also, you are not always hungry for junk food, right?

    Compulsive eaters experience a temptation rush that stirs their emotions producing a feeling of pleasure. These rushes are always triggered by something or someone. It can be the hurtful words of a loved one, a feeling of insecurity or a depression because you are not in control, having a bad day at the office, and so much more.

    Food seduces you with its comfort, and once that feeling is fulfilled, it then can overwhelm you with guilt and despair. The relief: you tell yourself you will be stronger next time.

    It is not realistic to say you can compromise, that you will only indulge from time to time. There is no success in settling between your two heart’s desires.

    Thus, how do you succeed in making THE decision and sticking with it? Wait for Part 3…

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