“We Feel Worried,” Says President Chaves about Presence of the Russian Army in Nicaragua

    The Costa Rican president affirms that he "would love" to talk with Daniel Ortega about "political prisoners"

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    The authorization of Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, for Russian troops to enter the neighboring country worries the Costa Rican government, Rodrigo Chaves said this past Friday. According to a presidential decree by Ortega, since June 7th the presence of soldiers, ships and planes of the Russian army has been allowed in Nicaragua.

    In an interview, Chaves was asked if there should be a dialogue with Ortega’s Nicaragua. The Costa Rican president indicated that he believes that “dialogue has to take place.” “However, right now we have serious concerns with Nicaragua. There was news today that President Daniel Ortega invited the Russian army to send troops and equipment to Nicaragua,” he explained.

    “We have not had an army since 1949. Imagine how we feel: worried, and with good reason,” added the president. The president also confirmed that he has not established contact with Ortega, but that he would like to talk about “political prisoners” because “it is something that Costa Ricans, due to historical tradition and natural inclination, cause us severe concern and sadness.”

    Nicaraguans in Costa Rica

    “The people of Costa Rica have received hundreds of thousands of migrants, almost 15% of our population, from Nicaragua, who are providing them with health and education at a high cost for our fiscal space, but we do it with much love and with open arms,” ​​Chaves transmitted when asked for a message addressed to Ortega.

    International aid is needed, he exclaimed, to compensate for the “generosity” of the country, which helps other nations with many more resources to which these migrants do not go because they receive social security and education in Costa Rica.Chaves gave these statements in the framework of his participation in the IX Summit of the Americas, in the United States.

    Russian military presence in Nicaragua

    As confirmed on Thursday, Ortega authorized the entry of Russian soldiers “to participate in training and exchange exercises in humanitarian aid operations for search and rescue missions in emergency situations or natural disasters.”

    Russian forces will be on Nicaraguan soil between July 1st and December 31st of this year, Ortega’s executive decree details. Russian media, many of which have been censored in the West in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s orchestrated invasion of Ukraine, will also be allowed in.

    The Nicaraguan Gazette also authorized the entry of troops from the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, “for purposes of exchange and humanitarian assistance of mutual benefit, in case of emergency situations.”

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