Virtual Migrants Contribute to Reduce the Dismissal of Local Talent

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    Avaya, a world leader in solutions to improve and simplify communications and collaboration, highlights that the use of unified communication tools contributes to the job performance of the so-called “virtual migrants”, that is, those workers who, without moving from their countries of origin, origin, provide services for clients or companies outside the country.

    In addition to the generation of sources of formal employment, the segment of virtual migrants offers job opportunities to the new generations that enjoy a high academic level because a good part of them speak a second language, have a high command of Information Technologies Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and offers great opportunities for professional growth, especially for millennials. And most importantly, it does not force workers to look for opportunities that require changing countries, since they are finding them locally.

    According to the High Technology Shared Services Chamber (CamsCat) of Costa Rica, in the country there are more than 189 companies in this segment of the economy that generates 81,371 jobs that export US$4,455 million, equivalent to 7.6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. ( 54% of the companies taken into account for a study carried out by the consulting firm Deloitte, the Costa Rican Coalition for Development Initiatives (CINDE) and Essential Costa Rica, have their main base in the United States. 38% of them dedicated to the consumer industry, followed by life sciences and health care (19), energy, resources and industry (19), technology, media and telecommunications (11), financial services (11) and government, public sector, and non-governmental organizations (2).

    In the case of Guatemala, the contact center sector is made up of international and national companies, and in 2019 it had around 42,000 agents. The jobs generated are divided into voice and non-voice services. The first constitutes about 90 percent, of which it is estimated that 67% are bilingual jobs, which require knowledge of the English language; 30% are in Spanish and 3% in other languages ​​such as French, German, and Portuguese (

    According to Isabel Valer, Director of Avaya Caribbean and Central America, these technological solutions help prevent the migration of local talent with the consequent loss of valuable human resources, almost always made up of people with a high degree of academic preparation, but also stimulates local economies because their income is spent almost entirely in the nation where they reside.

    “In the current conditions of the world pandemic, these types of work options have become a great strength for countries to avoid personal migration to other territories with the consequent generation of great social problems, but they also represent a great support to avoid the loss of quality employment sources”, Valer pointed out.

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