Virtual Forum: Launch of the Book “Intrepids in Science and Technology”

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    Within the framework of the commemoration of March 8th: International Women’s Day; The Technological Publishing House of Costa Rica invites the launch of the book: Intrepids in science and technology.

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    This work has the stories of 18 notable Costa Rican scientists. All of them convey a key message: with effort and dedication, dreams can be achieved.

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    This launch will be carried out through a virtual conference, which aims to show life and recognize the contributions to science that these Costa Rican women have made beyond their passage through laboratories or teaching centers.

    The talk will be given by the authors of the book: Ana Luisa Monge Naranjo and Bruce James Callow, with the participation of Natalia Murillo and Meizel Leiva, protagonists of this issue.

    The activity will take place on Wednesday, March 10, at 5:00 p.m., through the Zoom platform and is completely free.

    Those interested in participating must register in advance using the form provided in the following link:


    The work

    This issue emphasizes the path they have traveled to reach the places they currently occupy. The group of scientists agrees on the importance of viewing challenges as obstacles, feeling satisfaction for each goal achieved and never giving up in the face of adversity.

    In addition, each of the scientists offers the reading public a series of advice or recommendations to overcome obstacles and be better people.

    About the authors

    Ana Luisa Monge-Naranjo (1966) has a master’s degree in English-Spanish translation from the National University and a degree in psychology from the University of Costa Rica. She has worked as a writer, translator, psychotherapist, tutor, group facilitator, and university professor.

    On the other hand, Bruce James Callow (1965) is a Canadian communications consultant, educator and musical artist, resident in Costa Rica since 1992. He was director of communications for the British Embassy and collaborated in several communication projects with Dr. Franklin Chang- Diaz. Currently conducts outreach activities on the aerospace industry in schools, colleges and universities.

    If you want more information, you can contact the address: [email protected]

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