Users Can Download the EDUS App on Their Smartphones

It Shows the Patient’s Personal Data and Allows the Validation of His Rights

The Unique Digital Health File (EDUS), implemented by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), has the function of integrating the different levels of medical care in the country, through an online system that allows consulting the history of a patient from any health center in the country.

One of the main objectives of the EDUS is to offer a better and more agile attention, at the same time as access to information is extended to make much better decisions.

In addition to being available in 100% of the medical centers since September of this year, the more than 3 million users also have the possibility of downloading the EDUS application on their cell phone or tablet to access multiple information.

EDUS App at hand

It is a free application available for iOS and Android systems in which people can access information regarding personal and contact data, previous and future medical appointments, prescription drugs, diagnoses made by medical personnel, allergic history, and surgeries slopes.

Manuel Rodríguez, Director of EDUS, recommends users to keep all contact information updated so that health centers have the correct information “Cell phone numbers and email to be able to communicate at any specific time”.

Rodríguez says that through the mobile application, the CCSS carries out important campaigns on health promotion through good practices and prevention of the disease.

The expert stresses that patients do not have full access to all the information, because the medical staff must have at hand a greater range of elements giving the possibility of incorporating information such as personal and family history, as well as requests for laboratory tests, pharmacy, X-rays, and disabilities.

Evolution of the EDUS tool

In addition to all the information that the user can already access, the CCSS works to implement new functions and more information to the mobile application. This is in order to provide comprehensive support to each patient according to their conditions and state of health.

Rodríguez explains that educational information associated with the pathologies of each patient will be implemented. “For example, if the user is diabetic or hypertensive, Caja information will appear, with the assurance that it is reliable and not from any website, how to take care of oneself and how to take better control”.

Patients in one of the CCSS hospitals

Additionally, part of the improvements that the institution wants to implement in the application is that the patient can also incorporate useful information for health professionals. It is also very important for us to know if the patient took the treatment properly, if he is exercising and if he is complying with a series of measures that the health personnel diagnoses him.

To access the system you only need to register and enter with the identification number and key selected in the registry.

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