UN Recognizes Costa Rica for Resuming Classes and as a Model Against Exclusion

    Setting the example to follow in all the region

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    Although slow and incomplete, the return to classes started by Costa Rica represents an exception in Latin America, which ended up being the region with the highest education abandonment due to the Pandemic.

    This was celebrated in the United Nations (UN) by analysis published this week. In it they emphasize that bringing children and adolescents back to the classroom will be the first step against exclusion.

    Overcoming inequalities

    “The return to In-person education is key to overcoming inequalities. It is a firm step to fight against discrimination that the country tries to eradicate”, indicated the representative of the Organization in the country, Allegra Baiocchi.

    According to the UN, in the process, the contribution of the authorities must be recognized, but above all of the communities, families and the students themselves to start the school year at the same time.

    Latin America situation

    The UN report highlighted that in all of Latin America there are about 24 million students who saw their classes interrupted. This would be impacting the educational advance of years. It was also insisted that while areas such as Europe paralyzed education for two months and Oceania for one, Latin America stopped terms of up to half a year.

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