UCR Students Made a Sunscreen that Does Not Alter Marine Ecosystem

It Is an Important Achievement to Minimize the Environmental Impact of These Products

A quintet of students from the pharmacy career of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) made a natural sunblock product that promises to minimize environmental damage.

These are the UCR students of the pharmacy career involved in the innovative sunscreen product

The chemicals that contain commercial sunblocks cause the bleaching of corals, which causes their death and, therefore, the alteration of the marine ecosystem. So with KapiScreen, students seek to reverse this problem.

The sunscreen is made from natural extracts. Also, it has a natural physical barrier that facilitates the rebound of light and, at the same time, prevents the absorption of radiation.

This is only one out of the 5 products that were presented at the FarmaInnova Investors Roundtable, which takes place every school year for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.