UCR Publishes Book on Costa Rican Bees to Raise Awareness about the Ecological Importance of This Species

    Given the little awareness and care of bees, the University of Costa Rica (UCR), wants to show people the importance of these animals for the planet

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    As part of the commitment to defend the environment and food security of the country, the UCR published the book “Bees of Costa Rica”, with the aim that any interested person learn about their interaction with flowers and how to create environments from each home for conservation.

    Bees are responsible for the pollination of a large amount of food that reaches the country’s table. Despite their importance in ecosystems, the species are threatened by industrialization in agriculture, the use of insecticides, agrochemicals and climate change”, said Jorge Lobo, UCR Biologist.

    Essential in the food chain

    According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), more than a hundred crops provide 90% of the food chain in 146 countries and of these 71% are pollinated by bees, which places them as the most important pollinators on the planet.

    “The first step in designing a national strategy for the conservation of bees is for more people to join this work and learn about the importance of these animals for the planet,” said Lobo.

    In Costa Rica there are 700 species of bees, responsible for pollination in wild ecosystems, agriculture and domestic gardens. The distribution of the book is being done virtually and is free. For those interested, they can purchase it through this link:


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    1. Sad that it must be purchased, unless you just happen to stumble across it. I would have hoped it would be in a PDF for everyone with a computer or access to a computer, and everyone with access to a smartphone. Good intentions, just not thought through. We have stingless bees on our organic farm. Expanding. Bee Well

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