simpe movilSINPE Mobile is directed to retail payments segment (low amounts), so that users of the Costa Rica National Financial System can make electronic money transfers to accounts linked to mobile phone numbers from any electronic channel banking (Banking SMS Banking Mobile web, Banking App, Online Banking or ATM Network). In other words…pay with your phone!

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Its design offers customers an insurance mechanism, interoperable payments, easily accessible, with wide coverage and high availability.

Some financial institutions have a specific app that helps you create the text message. See if your fianacial institution offers this possibility.


In this and many more situations, the use of SINPE Mobile is useful and safe as a means to make payments. “For me and for my clients it’s easier to manage money through text messages,” said Luissana Mesen, who does catalog sales.

costa rica news

The system, developed and managed by the Central Bank of Costa Rica, is available at private and public banks (National, Popular, BCR, Bancrédito) (BAC San José, Lafise) and nonbank financial institutions (Coopealianza, CoopeAnde # 1 , Coopenae, Coocique, Coopeservidores, and MUCAP).


To subscribe, simply consult one of the above mentioned institutions to learn what is the procedure that applies to link your bank account with your mobile phone number. According to the bank, it could make this process through different channels, such as online banking (branch on the Internet), mobile banking (app), SMS banking, branch, call center/chat and even ATMs.

Although mobile payments are allowed up to a daily amount of ¢ 100,000 (accumulated amount and at no cost to the client), financial institutions can establish the collection of fees for larger sums. The same applies to the monthly amount received, the limit is ¢ 2 million; above that amount, the bank may charge a commission.

If you want to learn more about the services offered, enter and translate the page.

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