Tips for Those Who Want to Meet the Heart of Central America in 2022: Costa Rica

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    This land corresponds to a wonderful country that offers, for locals and visitors, a number of easily accessible options to explore. It is essential that you pay attention to some travel suggestions.

    Tips for travelers

    It is important to note that it is always good to check local climatic conditions and weather forecasts with a map in hand before embarking on a trip. At this point it is important to note that not only some printed atlases and maps will help you with this recommendation. Today there are digital pages that can provide you with this type of information. One of them and the most recommended when making this type of query is the official website of the Costa Rican Volcanological and Seismological Observatory, commonly known as Ovsicori.

    It is important with respect to this same order of ideas that the tourist guide is in charge of explaining all the survival strategies in the event of any inconvenience, although it is understood that the majority of the tourist guides who are dedicated to this art are connoisseurs of the perfection of his territory. The most ideal thing is for him to carry a briefcase with a series of orientative maps depending on the geographical location, the weather station and the season.

    Whenever you travel to Costa Rica for pleasure, business or fun, it is important to know if the travel company grants a health policy during the time you will be traveling.

    Posture of the country to travel in these pandemic times

    Costa Rica stands out as one of the countries that has one of the strongest health systems in the world, which is why today it is suggested to have the following vaccines when entering the country: Hepatitis A and B, rabies, as well as be with a finished inoculation process before Covid-19.

    If you have to travel alone…

    For some circumstance, your trip to our country corresponds to you to do it alone, take into account the following comments:

    • Do not share your stay itinerary on social networks or with strangers.

    • Avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible.

    • Carry maps and printed country information, as well as phone numbers and official government accounts. This will allow you to find your way around in case you lose your smartphone.

    Other important recommendations are:

    • Traveling with little luggage is always an excellent option. It is important to recommend for this type of trip that you only pack what is strictly necessary, avoid taking extra clothes and materials that you will not use during the trip. It is worth mentioning that the airlines of this country, like many others around the world, have certain restrictions when boarding with excess baggage.

    • An infallible recommendation stands out in using and carrying with you all the necessary medications that you consume regularly. If you do not have any underlying pathology, it is always good to pack pills for headaches, allergies and other travel discomforts such as dizziness.

    Explore every city you visit

    In this particular case, it is very important to highlight that the most outstanding thing about our country will always revolve around the fact that you can enjoy a pleasant stay:

    • Always check your map and mobile phone in safe areas.

    • Avoid receiving help from strangers and walking through places that lack lighting.

    • Always carry your backpack in front of you.

    Comfort and convenience

    When going on a trip we will always need to remain calm and away from stress. Be aware of the small details so that they provide you with a comfortable trip. Wear comfortable and appropriate shoes It is very important to note that in Costa Rica there are countless interesting activities to do.

    Make the most of your time

    • Plan very well what you want to do and don’t overwhelm your trip by wanting to do all the activities at the same time.

    • Enjoy our beaches, they offer an unparalleled attraction. (Final recommendation)

    Costa Rica is a destination that offers a different activity to do for the whole year. But some of its biggest attractions are the beaches. Therefore, on your next trip to the country, be sure to visit them. Ask the locals or surfers about the sea conditions so they can take you to see the best that Costa Rica has to offer in terms of natural beauty.

    Enjoy with conscience and responsibility. When traveling in a group with family or friends, avoid as much as possible making heavy jokes that could put your life and that of other people at risk. Be always attentive and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Welcome to Costa Rica!

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