Tinamastes Fair: Natural Color, Production and Consumption of Organic Food

    Production, freshness and quality, all this you can find at the Tinamastes fair in Costa Rica

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    The global health crisis of COVID-19 has not been limiting for Ticos to continue to have a variety of organic products from the best national farmers. Many of the fairs had to close their doors due to the Pandemic and adapt to online shopping systems, but little by little, living the new -normality-, with the care that is needed (biosecurity), they will re-open for the entire public. This is precisely what the “Tinamastes fair” will do on March 9th, in the Communal Hall of -Tinamastes-, after being closed for almost a year.

    The Fair and its beginnings

    The Tinamastes fair is the second largest organic market in Costa Rica, which is constantly joined by suppliers with innovative and therefore fresh products. It was founded in the year 2013 through the Authentic Life organization, as we were exclusively informed by its creator Melissa Sweet.

    Promoting organic agriculture


    Melissa emphasized that the main objective is to support and promote organic agriculture, free of agrochemicals, in the southern zone of Costa Rica. Originally the support has also been to the graduates of its Pueblo Raices Initiative program. “Since the first fair, there has never been a week in which our team is not working,” she said. The fair has the slogan “An Authentic Life Initiative”.

    Accessible hours

    From Fridays March 9th at 6 p.m. until Sunday March 11th at 6 p.m., producers and great artisans are offering nationals and foreign visitors the most beautiful, rich and sustainable products.

    Pueblo Raices Initiative program

    Within the Fair and Authentic Life project, there is the intensive 12-month program, called the Pueblo Raices Initiative, which provides the local population with the awareness, education, skills and opportunities to create a healthy lifestyle and how is mentioned previously sustainable for their families and communities.

    The objective is the production and consumption of organic food; “Students learn about the health benefits of organic farming and are taught practical methods of food production, pest control, soil improvement, and product marketing.”

    Did you know that most of the vendors, approximately 45, at the Tinamastes fair, are students of the program from Las Tumbas, Tinamastes, La Alfombra and San Salvador?
    Vendors take pride in caring for the community, now more so when they stand in solidarity with each other. Anyone who visits the Tinamastes fair, enjoys that touch of “Pura Vida” and ends up wanting to return, which is totally wonderful …

    To always return and appreciate

    Colorful and fresh vegetables, crafts from the fabulous Paloma Coronado Manrique, products made by the ladies of Quinto Sabor Café, among others. The local farmers markets are an example of life itself, of perseverance, culture and love for what is done.

    How lucky is Costa Rica, authentic for its gigantic biodiversity and its incredible activities such as fairs, including Tinamastes that does not escape the authentic and ecological.
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