Tico Dishes Conquer Canadian Palates

    Gastronomy with a Tico seal, among the best in the world

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    Costa Rican gastronomy is one of the great pleasures that you can grant yourself when arriving in Costa Rica. The indigenous tradition maintains its presence in the typical food of the central valleys; the sacred corn of the ancient gods and the ancestral cocoa today, provide us with a great variety of succulent dishes.

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute recently carried out a series of investigations to determine where its greatest tourist influx came from. Highlighting various countries; The visitors from Canada obtained one of the first positions, which is why today we decided to present our gastronomic offer, thanking them for their affection and preference for our country.

    Gastronomic pride, our best menus served to tourists
    The “50 Best” organization aims to give support and good recognition to restaurants of all kinds at all levels in Latin America. With an initiative called “El Espiritud de América Latina”. Of course, Costa Rica could not be left out and it is a pride for us that one of our restaurants: “Sikwa” not only pampers palates but is also part of this list.

    Costa Rica continues to be the favorite of many through its Gastronomy and “Pure Life”
    As a curious fact and according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 25% of travelers consider gastronomy as an important point before deciding on a destination to vacation.

    Another important fact that we must highlight is that 58% of Canadian travelers who enter Costa Rica have confessed to being interested in taking a gastronomic trip to taste dishes so typical in Costa Rica such as gallo pinto, picadillos, tamales, and other Costa Rican foods that serve as a spearhead to start a trip around our country.

    Costa Rica assumes the commitment and works to consolidate sustainable gastronomy with identity and above all healthy ingredients that include a wide range of appetizing for tourists. The goal of this type of initiative is to combine in a single dish the indigenous ancestral part and the innovation typical of these times.

    In this context, the country seeks to become an international gastronomic tourism powerhouse, it will also generate a number of sources for employment in the sector and new opportunities for innovation through showing talent, leaving that particular signature contained in a dish.

    For all those Canadians who have placed us on more than one occasion as their number one tourist destination, we say: “welcome to our land, Costa Rica awaits you!”. And then if you have not tried it yet, we give you the:
    Top 5 with the most representative dishes of this part of the planet:
    5- Pork tamale: The tamale, made with ground corn flour and a filling of rice, pork, or chicken, is a typical Costa Rican food. The tamale is wrapped in banana leaves and boiled in water before serving. Families usually cook the”tamaladas” especially at Christmas time.

    4- Stuffed chili: Chili pepper that cooks well over a fire, is stuffed with meat and spices. As in the previous case, it is a basic dish but one that has many followers.

    3- Ceviche: It is a food of Peruvian origin but other international (neighboring) gastronomies have borrowed it by making their own version. This is the case in Costa Rica, where it is also prepared with fresh raw fish that is marinated with citrus fruits. Normally they do it with sea bass and there is no lack of coriander, garlic, celery, onion, sweet pepper (pepper) and chili. It seems simple but it is an art to get it to the exact point when seasoning it.

    2- Pot of meat: The meat pot is a traditional Costa Rican stew, which consists of a broth with meat in small to medium pieces and abundant vegetables. It is a traditional Costa Rican soup used mostly to consume for lunch or noon meal. Its story begins with a Jewish dish called Adafine. A similar dish called a rotten pot is also mentioned in the famous book of Don Quixote de la Mancha, which did not mean rottenness but a powerful pot, due to how nutritious it was.

    1- Gallo Pinto: A mixture of rice and beans seasoned with a secret ingredient: a sauce made from spices. Many accompany it with custard.

    Costa Rica is a blend of different cultures, come and taste it!

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    Follow These Tips to Rethink and Achieve Your Goals in 2021

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