Tico campaign, invites Canadians to know our land

    Who is essential, invites you to value what really matters

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    Connecting with the essence of life: nature, well-being, culture and adventure, is the invitation that Costa Rica makes to Canadians through the campaign that is named: Who is essential to you?, which is focused on spreading the message of “Pura Vida” to inspire tourists to travel to Costa Rica with their loved ones.

    The country providing the opportunity to connect with the essentials of life is the message delivered by the promotional campaign. It has the objective of proposing a personal connection with what is truly substantial in life and that is what Costa Rica offers through countless experiences, with its different natural landscapes, culture and adventure.

    The main objective of the campaign is to promote Ecotourism and rural tourism in the communities. This initiative proposes that small tourism ventures have simplified plans extend the benefits of Ecotourism and Rural Community tourism (TRC) to Rural and Coastal communities.

    The plan for example, gives space to the creation of differentiated requirements and eliminate others for ecotourism activities. The campaign will have advertising on buses, taxis, billboards and subway stations in North America, as well as on digital platforms and prestigious international media.

    A year that has taught humanity a great lesson

    The intention is to remember the essentials of life after a difficult year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, for this reason, residents of Canada are invited to tell who has inspired or marked them significantly during 2020.

    To do so, travelers will need to fill out a form on the website. There they will have to tell a story and the 15 most inspiring will be selected as winners, who will receive a trip together with a companion with all expenses paid to enjoy the beauties of Costa Rica for 7 days, this thanks to the support of the private sector. The winners can make their trips between February 2021 and February 2022.

    Who is essential? And what is essential?

    Since March, a lot has been heard about essential jobs. Parents have served as educators, educators have served as private guardians, and other individuals or professionals have assumed new roles during the Pandemic. Costa Rica, for its pure life, values the family and the community and that is why the desire of this initiative during these challenging times must be borne in mind, we are all essential to someone.

    We invite you to participate in this initiative that highlights our many natural, gastronomic, cultural and artistic beauties so unique that it allows us to offer the best prospects to the North American market.

    To obtain more information about this campaign and the requirements for your participation, we leave the following website at your complete disposal:

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    Discover “Isla Rosada” at Nosara…An Adventure Come True

    Discover “Isla Rosada” at Nosara…An Adventure Come True Nosara is one of the best surfing destinations in the world
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