This is the Anticovid Protocol for Voting in the Costa Rican February Presidential Elections

    The list of measures are extensive and integral

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    There is less than a month and a half left for Costa Ricans to participate in the first round of the 2022 Elections and this past week the biosafety protocol was published.The list of measures is extensive and includes 5 key measures for citizens who get to vote. These are:

    • The mask must be worn at all times
    • Voters may not enter accompanied. The only exception are people with disabilities or older adults who require assistance.
    • Upon entering schools, people will be asked to briefly show their faces.
    • The crayon will be disinfected after each use. If the voter wants, they can bring their own pencil.
    • Once you vote, people must leave the premises and cannot stay.
    • Priority must be given to elderly voters, disabled or pregnant

    Other adjustments

    Voters will see in electoral centers with more than 5 tables an agent in charge of monitoring the protocols. In addition, the 1.8 meter distance will govern at all times.Also the bathrooms have the optimal conditions to guarantee cleanliness and hand washing.

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    More changes for the campaign and elections

    The upcoming elections will undergo even more changes as a result of the pandemic. For example, rules such as:

    • Meetings in the political party centers will last a maximum of 3 hours
    • Public square meetings are strictly prohibited.
    • There can be rallies, pickets and caravans but without crowds and with bioprotocols.
    • The presence of electoral guides is not allowed

    For those who work on election day, other measures are added such as:

    • Change disposable masks every 3 hours
    • If food is distributed, it must be packaged for individual consumption.
    • All observers must wear KN95 masks
    • The members of the tables will have a minimum distance of 0.90 meters.

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