Telework Tourism, An Interesting Alternative to Help Reactivate the Costa Rica Tourist Sector After the Pandemic

Telework Tourism, An Interesting Alternative to Help Reactivate the Costa Rica Tourist Sector After the Pandemic
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The current Pandemic that is hitting the world has caused the collapse of most economies, being the tourism and hotel sectors among the most affected. This situation leads to look for implementing creative strategies that can be put into practice after the lifting of the social confinement measures. In the case of tourism, we bring here an idea that can reactivate this sector: “Telework Tourism”.

Telework or Telecommuting is seen as the new way to carry out our work activities; however, it is not enough to transform it into a new work alternative, it is also necessary to have some essential tools that guarantee its success.

Costa Rica meets the ideal conditions for this, so incentivizing tourist to visit us for telecommuting purposes really looks like a strategy that can help promote re-emergence of tourism in the country.

Why is Costa Rica showing itself as an ideal country for Telework Tourism?

It is necessary that each country have some minimum conditions, perks and advantages compared to other nations, ensuring that remote work be effective and productive. Costa Rica is that country and let’s see why:

1-High quality Internet

The existence of optimal internet connection channels represents the most important tool to carry out this type of distance work. The opening that the country gave more than 25 years ago to the world of telecommunications gave way to competitiveness, but also created demanding users who seek to have an excellent connection and speed in receiving and sending data, as well as resources to protect their information.

2-Costa Rica is a front runner in innovation

Costa Rica has evolved in such a way that the topic of innovation has been the spearhead so that today it is among the first countries in the world for this area.

3-Excellent geographical location

The country is blessed by its geographical location and strategic accessibility  to the rest of the Latin American economies, and those advantages can be added to an open market economy that began three decades ago, making it a magnet for large technology multinationals. It is connected via satellite with all countries globally.

4-Pleasant climate

Neither too hot or too cold. A mild climate all year round.

Creation of incentives that promote telecommuting

Since the country has these strengths in its favor, besides already being one of the most visited countries by tourists in the world, it is necessary to implement the conditions that allow promoting telework tourism, that will come after the Pandemic passes.   

There must be created a striking telework environment for tourists that awaken their interest when visiting the country, and motivate them to stay with this specific purpose taking advantage of the best conditions that any country can offer for teleworking.

Establishing tourism plans with discounts on accommodation, food, transportation, for those tourists who are seeking to try out telecommuting activities in the country. Implement special internet packages, navigation, data connection through mobile phones, at lower costs than those on the market. Establish a mechanism with other countries to offer health policies for telecommute tourist.

Streamline the legal procedures necessary to grant the respective work permits. Extend the period of legal stay in the country for tourists who want to carry out telework in the nation. 

Telework tourism really represents an alternative that can be added to the options for recovering our economy as we gradually re-open the country, welcoming back guest from every corner of the world.

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