The Things that You Use Every Day Could Affect Your Body Greatly

You Should Be Aware of Them

There are women and some men that would always say “No pain, no gain”. While this is true for some people, there are serious consequences that these simple phrases could pose especially when it comes to fashion. Things like the simplest heels and designer bags could affect your posture. Things like these could affect your back severely especially if you don’t know how to use it the right way and in the case of high heels, walk the right way using it.

Before jumping into conclusions, you will need to know the reason why it can be a danger to your body. There are many reasons for this that are simple to understand yet, hard to practice on yourselves especially if you are always used to wearing high heels because of work or for fashion only. Even the best walkway runner could experience these without even knowing if they haven’t had the right training because all models do training, right? Being aware could get you a long way simply because there may be a part of your daily routine. Just keep in mind that these are not really dangerous, but the way you use it could be.

Using high-heels is elegant but sometimes it may cause pain in the back and hips.
High-heels sandals

What you wear on your feet could pose a threat to your spine

Do you remember the 1st time that you have used high heels? It was very difficult, right? This is because your body is not used in balancing a high platform which is only mostly supported by the ball. This causes you to be thrown off-balance which will result in you having a very bad posture and it will take long before you get used to it.  Flip flops can also result in this so you will need something that would help cushion and stabilize your feet which is why most people only wear fuzzy slippers at home.

Where you sleep affects your back

 A good mattress is one of the most important purchases you will ever make, do not skimp on it. You should read-up spine universe or sleepaider to understand how crucial it is to protect the spine when you sleep and how good mattresses help maintain your quality of life, especially as you age.

Too tight, too risky

 Did you know that the clothes you wear could also affect your posture? A lot of people don’t know that but wearing clothes that are too tight, especially on the lower body, could affect how you perform daily especially the simplest of tasks like sitting and walking. Constrictive clothing is a threat especially if you are wearing these clothes for a very long time. It is like in China when young girls are forced to wear those iron shoes in order to halt the growth of their feet. You would not want your lower body to look like a potato, right?

Wearing garments too tight is not benefitial for your blood circulation.
Stretched leather-like jeans

Too heavy for you to handle

 Bags could also affect your body in a negative way if you bring heavy bags that are sometimes heavier than your body. Some people may tend to “hoard” stuff and put everything in their bag which is usually strapped to one shoulder. The heavyweight can affect your shoulders, neck, and back and this will cause pain and your body would most likely have no choice but to adjust to it.

You only have one body and you need to know that these are important even if it takes longer for the side effects to happen unless you are punishing yourself. Nonetheless, there are many tips on how to avoid this and that is by doing the opposite. Wear comfy shoes, wear not too tight clothes, and manage your stuff inside your bag.

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