These Are the Main Fitness Trends For 2022

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    In recent years, the fitness industry has faced huge challenges and opportunities with gym closings and a massive influx of digital fitness offerings. The way the world approaches health and fitness changed and has become a priority for many consumers.

    With the New Year, we will see a wave of fitness trends emerge. While some tend to stand the test of time, others come and go. Fitness trends will always evolve as consumer behaviors change. Although the fitness industry faces obstacles, there are also opportunities and room for innovation.

    Personal training outdoors or at home

    As the trend toward outdoor exercise and personalized training continues, outdoor personal training appears to be popular this year. By training outdoors, you can more easily maintain social distancing and get fresh air circulating. You can perfectly do it in the backyard of your house or in a space with good wind flow.

    Home gym

    Smart home gym equipment was already a trend before the pandemic, but the multiple locks really accelerated adoption and consumer growth. The main strategy of team builders is to design sports equipment without taking up a large space in your home.

    Movement as medicine

    In the fitness landscape, one of the most important changes we are seeing is that fitness goes beyond achieving the perfect beach body. It’s about moving your body and living a healthier life. Fitness is just one part of your overall wellness, and the exercise mindset is the growing medicine.

    The American Heart Association even suggests that doctors might prescribe exercise for some cases of high blood pressure and cholesterol, however it is preferable that a certified physical therapist or personal trainer prescribes the exercises.

    Hybrid memberships

    Many traditional gyms, primarily in the United States and Europe, are finding that members want the option of working out online or in person. Online fitness is not necessarily a competitor to physical companies, but an ally as long as it can adapt to the needs of its members. They want the option of going to the gym a few days a week, but also exercising at home.

    Wearable technology

    Wearable tech and activity trackers are still a big trend for 2022, but they go beyond fitness. This year, many smartwatches and activity trackers are adding features that drill down into metrics like body temperature, stress levels, sleep, and heart rate. People are looking to track a variety of wellness metrics that go beyond steps or miles.

    Outdoor exercise

    Outdoor activities such as hiking, running, biking, and outdoor workouts in nature will continue to be popular forms of exercise. More people are not only looking to exercise more, but also to benefit from being in nature.

    Low impact exercise

    As popular as high-impact exercise is, there is room for low-impact exercise to grow. Exercises like rowing, yoga, and Pilates are great for strengthening, but they are much less harsh on the body. As more people look to work on functional daily movements and simply live healthier lives, low-impact yet effective workouts will continue to be a fitness trend.

    Mini workouts

    Mini workouts are for people who don’t have 45 free minutes to dedicate to a workout. They are for people who want to do a quick but effective workout throughout the day.

    Mini workouts benefit both time-sensitive individuals and those who simply don’t have the motivation to commit to a great workout. Whether it’s a strength training with free weights or a ten-minute bodyweight training program, a mini workout is simple and quick.

    Holistic fitness

    After multiple lockdowns, financial pressures, and general stress from living through a pandemic, mental health is a key focus in health.As more people search for ways to relieve stress, anxiety, and support their mental health, practices like yoga, tai chi, and medication will continue to be popular.

    As physical activity becomes part of the great health puzzle, consumers will look to movement as a way to achieve their overall wellness goals.

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