The “Sodas”, a Must-Visit When Coming to Costa Rica

Delicious typical Costa Rican Food in a home-like atmosphere

Costa Rica has one of the most well-known cuisines of Central America due to its varied mix of flavors and ingredients. Here, the most popular and low-cost restaurants are known as “sodas”.

Costa Rica Soda
Costa Rica “Sodas”

The sodas can be found throughout all the Costa Rican territory, they have daily menus and delicious food rations. These establishments have a more “homelike” service that gives both tourists and the residents alike the opportunity to feel at home.

Almost all sodas have a common feature: they are very inexpensive compared to a normal restaurant. As if this was not enough, these places are specialized mainly in popular or typical Costa Rican food, such as Gallo Pinto, Casado, the pot of meat, rice, beans, cakes, rice with chicken, among others. In addition, all these dishes are usually accompanied by fresh drinks, natural fruit smoothies, coffee, water, soft drinks, among others.

soda 1
San Jose “Sodas”

Sodas are a part of the Costa Rican tradition and remain a fundamental pillar in the daily life of the Ticos. These quaint family-owned restaurants are found in almost every street in all towns and cities of Costa Rica no matter their size, and like any museum, national park or paradisiacal beach in the country, are currently considered a must for any tourist visiting the nation.

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