The Right Attitude that Allows Us Achieve Our Goals

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    I frequently hear in consultation about how to generate a firm character, which allows us to achieve those objectives that we are tracing in our lives. Next, I detail some pillars that I consider necessary to approach this topic:


    This one is about consistency and congruence. It is walking the path that is preached. It is that there is no difference between what you are and what you say you are. Integrity happens when there is a synchrony between what you think, feel, and what you do, both in public and in secret.

    Integrity makes you transparent and people like transparent people. It undoubtedly generates trust, key in any human bond. Consequently, it helps to develop confidence.


    The intention is the transparency that you give to the people around you about your real motivations. People in general, in my opinion, hate hidden agendas and motivations tinged with deception. The real motivations need to be clearly communicated.


    Capabilities refer to talents, skills, knowledge, communication skills, and style of relating to others. The person must become an expert in his area of ​​work, business, or life itself.

    Expertise in your area will give you self-confidence; the foregoing ends up generating a cascade effect, whereby the previous points you receive a greater approximation to others and therefore to your desires.


    People follow others because they believe that they will take them to a better place, they do so convinced that they will give results.

    Be careful with this point: it is not about being followed without clear objectives; you can become an example through authenticity that makes an impact by generating results. When a person lies or does not give the results they promise, they literally kill the credibility and confidence they have in themselves.

    We already have the points that mark the route for us, now, your recipe is personal. Be successful in your creation!

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