The New Valentine’s Day is Enjoyed Alone

    As time passes and the social mandates that frame personal well-being are increasingly reconsidered more chances are given

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    Until very recently, February 14 had been configured to be enjoyed exclusively by people in a couple relationship. However, as time passes and the social mandates that frame personal well-being are increasingly reconsidered -from parameters such as marriage or living life as a couple- more chances are given.

    And that chance is to rethink special dates and their enjoyment. Or traditional family schemes contemplating same-sex couples or couples who decide not to have sons or daughters, but pets. Even more personal issues such as the meaning of love, including self-love as part of it.

    Celebrate love… not from lack of it

    And it is that celebrating love is always a possibility full of enjoyment and joy. And it depends on seeing this love from the particularity and not from the lack of it. In other words, looking for love in the different aspects of life and not only directing this idea to the concept of a traditional couple.

    Thinking of February 14 as an excuse to celebrate and not a mandate to necessarily fulfill, we proceed to adapt it and make it our own. It is important to give ourselves permission not to suffer this day, but to use it as an excuse to connect with our surroundings and our friends.

    Even, and more importantly: with us, with our pleasure, things like auto-erotism practices, even enjoying our favorite food. Or a moment of connection with our body, however that is seen from the particularity.

    A day that shouldn’t be awkward

    The “day of love and friendship” is like many other things: an invention. Therefore, following it without questioning, taking it personally, as a painful or uncomfortable event of something that we perceive as “lacking”, because society dictates so to us… makes no sense.

    Instead, as an invention, use it to our advantage, as an excuse to celebrate love in all its forms. But also how we are living it at this stage of our lives… makes this day become something with a very personal and beneficial meaning, if we so decide.

    So hopefully this February 14 is nothing more than an excuse to enjoy, to take care of ourselves, have fun, feel, connect. An excuse to celebrate US and remember that love has multiple forms, and this is not decided by our society, it is decided by our hearts.

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