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    The latest trend in “specialty drinks” is about to take flight in Costa Rica.

    Richard Baker said, “For it is the truth that health is the greatest wealth of wealth.”

    So what is a specialty drink? Specialty drink refers to a healthy alternative beverage than the normal soda or cocktail. A specialty drink strengthens the immune system, help to balance the body and can assist in healing the physical body and cancer.

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    Choosing the Specialty Drink That’s Right for You

    With so many choices, all with different, sometimes unexpected effects on health, it’s easy to be confused about the “best” beverages for our health. Not only are most sodas filled with sugar and gas but research has proven that consuming large amounts of these drinks contribute to illness, heart attacks and cancer. Alternative healthy drink options are now becoming more popular; once people start to consume the healthy alternative they feel the difference in their energy levels and overall well being.

    Drink Local

    We are all on our own wellness journey and what we consume can help us find the balance in our mental and physical well being. Health conscious consumers are looking to reduce their intake of high-calorie beverages, and healthy drinks are now made easily available thanks to Follow Your Bliss Specialty Drinks, a distribution company in Costa Rica that supply’s wellness centers, boutique hotels and serves the local community with a variety of healthy beverages.

    Consuming healthy beverages and foods continue to be popular trend, research has shown that the driving growth in health and wellness are emerging markets and on an upswing. Follow Your Bliss Specialty drinks will offer wellness workshops on healthy beverages to help educate the Costa Rican community. These workshops will also educate people on living raw and how easy it is to live a healthy life for optimal well being.

    They currently offer a variety of cold pressed juices, kombucha, non-alcoholic ginger beer and chaga teas. Local artisans in Costa Rica produce most of these drinks and they each have a special story of how they came about creating these beverages. We will be sharing their stories and more information about the drinks in the next few weeks.

    For more info about specialty drinks contact Natashia via
    Email: [email protected]

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