The Popularity of Computer Gaming Keyboard in Costa Rica

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    With the big online retailers such as Amazon and Newegg Costa Rica, more and more Costa Ricans are getting into high-end computer gaming equipment. Every industry has its aesthetics, and gaming is no different. Just like rock stars with cool guitars, drivers with souped-up cars, or athletes with high-performance eye-catching footwear, gamers tend to gravitate towards awesome gaming chairs, consoles, computers, components, and even keyboards. In the Costa Rican computer gaming community, the keyboard is one of the most in demand accessories.

    While you can game on any keyboard, advanced gamers like to use specialty keyboards that are specifically designed with gaming in mind. Gaming keyboards tend to be more responsive and built to last. They often have special double-shot injected keys used specifically for gaming. Often, they are designed ergonomically to prevent gamers from developing fatigue or worse symptoms such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Many are customized with headphone and microphone ports, macros keys for quick actions, as well as built-in media controls.

    Functionality is essential, as gamers often look for the best gaming keyboards for their needs. This is why gaming keyboards are built as described above. But gamers also go for looks, which is why gaming keyboards come in many different colors, futuristic shapes, and interesting designs. Some gaming keyboards–known as RGB keyboards–are backlit with LEDs in one or more colors that often fade in and out, change color, and provide an overall visual effect that enhances game play. It’s like being at the night club while gaming.

    For the same reasons, color preference tends to align with expressiveness, gamers wanting to be flashy, and the appeal of certain colors. Computers since the IBM era have often come in utilitarian colors like black and dark grey. Lighter shades of gray have been used. When Apple started launching the older iMacs with bright colors, younger people were more likely to purchase them. As technology has increased over the decades, business computers have tended to remain dark and sensible, while many companies such as Samsung and Apple have been putting out personal devices such as computers, tablets, and cell phones in an array of colors, from gold to bright pink to white and others. On top of this, cell phone cases and computer accessories come in a variety of colors and designs to fit consumer desires.

    A lot of gamers will use a white gaming keyboard for all of the reasons mentioned above. Just as someone will use a white cell phone or a white computer, the choice of a white keyboard psychologically says that the user wants to break from the norm and embrace individuality. Black and grey computers remind us of work. They make us feel like we’re being required to do something, putting us in a mindset that isn’t so fun. Brighter colors make our lives more fun, and since gaming is equated with having fun, it only makes sense that gaming consoles, gaming computers, and gaming keyboards come in brighter colors. After all, this is why Apple and Samsung started producing more white cell phones, why the Xbox One S comes in white, and why Apple computers are often sleek and bright silver. This is a break from the stuffy–a break from the traditional.

    Gamers have their own identities as well, and they want to be identified as hip and fashionable. As noted above about rock stars and star athletes, guitars and shoes are extensions of the player. For gamers in Costa Rica, keyboards are an extension of them, and a white gaming keyboard is a great looking way to show off one’s individuality to the world. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but it provides ownership through customization and uniqueness.

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