The Pacific Nature Challenge in November will Cross Some of the Most Beautiful Places in Costa Rica

    Including the Tree Of God and a Waterfall Into the Sea in Santa Teresa

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    The Pacific Nature Challenge that will take place in Santa Teresa, will cross some of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica, some of them little known to Costa Ricans. This multi-stage event will take place on November 12, 13 and 14 for a total of 50 kilometers of distance.

    Registration includes the campsite, the assistance and award stands, with medals made of recycled material. Only 50 spaces will open, so it will be extremely exclusive.

    Breathtaking route

    On the first day, the stage will pass by a pier in a fishing village in Tambor. They will run first in the street and then they will go in the middle of a row of rustic houses by the sea. At four kilometers you will see the Tree of God, which takes its name when it grows on the reef but hides at high tide and can be seen at low tide. Then they will reach beaches with the peculiarity of having giant cliffs, which offer a spectacular view.

    “They will enter the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and then Playa Cocalito, where there is one of the few waterfalls in the world that falls into the ocean. The race goes under the waterfall and then they will go through a stream the size of a lake, they will be able to get in and cool off”, said Ariel Mora, designer of the race.

    The race continues on its first day and they will run along a beach where turtles spawn until they reach a very large reef, where they will run on top of the stones. Then they will enter a path to continue through Playa Colorada and the town of Montezuma, as well as its enigmatic waterfalls to finally begin an ascent to the mountain, crossing hanging bridges over trees and culminating the day at Isla de los Muertos, a place to enter. and leave quickly, before the tide closes the way.

    The second day the race will have an altimetry of about 700 meters of positive difference in altitude, so the views will be incredible from the mountains towards the sea. These trails will be much more technical but equally paradisiacal.

    Well organized

    Comfortable rest will be essential, that is why the tents will be near the bathrooms and will have Wi-Fi. Food is included, that is, breakfast and dinner. Pacific Challenge is endorsed by CATUZA, the Blue Zone Chamber of Tourism.

    For more information about the Pacific Nature Challenge 2021, you can send an email to the address: [email protected] or call the number 8316-5144.

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