Chronic Disease Patients in Costa Rica Urge Deputies to Approve Medical Cannabis Bill

    The health and relief of tens of thousands of Ticos is very important

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    Patients with different chronic diseases ask the deputies and the government to approve the bill that will allow the legalization of the production and commercialization of cannabis for medicinal purposes in the country.

    People with diagnosed diseases such as cancer, chronic anxiety, epilepsy and scoliosis, among others, urge legislators to promptly process initiative 21,388, promoted by the independent deputy, Zoila Rosa Volio.

    Through a video, these patients ask the congress to proceed with the approval of the proposal, in order to be able to access cannabis medicines in the country for the treatment of their ailments.

    Clear examples

    Christopher Thompsen, a patient with epilepsy, commented that throughout his life he has suffered from the disease, to the point that, in the last year, his quality of life has been significantly reduced. He pointed out that, for years, he tried different therapies, treatments, changed doctors specialized in neurology, but that despite the efforts there were no satisfactory changes.

    “One of the radical changes I made was with CBD, but it is not cheap. With CBD I have stopped taking antidepressants, anxiolytics and it has given me back the desire to go out into the world and do the things I like to do,” said Thompsen. Thompsen noted that there are many people who could benefit from passing the bill.

    Likewise, Abigail Quesada, who suffers from chronic anxiety, said that it is of the utmost importance to contemplate any possibility of access to medicinal cannabis “There are hundreds of ailments that can be alleviated and if it is also an economic benefit for the country, we all win,” said Quesada.

    They look for signatures

    With the support of the Sfera Legal firm, patients with chronic diseases promote in addition to the video, the population is asked to sign a petition. The purpose is to deliver them to the deputies and they will be urged to expedite the approval process. Those interested may sign the initiative on the page

    Andrea Martín, partner of the Sfera firm recalled that the objective of the law is to regulate the mechanisms of planting, cultivation, harvesting, production, processing, storage, distribution, industrialization, marketing and export of Cannabis Sativa L plants and their varieties.

    The same for the Hemp or Industrial Hemp plant, and its importation and reproduction. The medicinal use and production of cannabis and hemp is legal in more than 20 countries, with a pre-pandemic global market of 1 billion people.

    Create system

    In this sense, Costa Rica can become a cluster for business development, generating investment, agricultural diversification, and employment. However, the health and relief of tens of thousands of people is also important; or even more.

    “The project includes the need for the Executive Power to regulate the law and create a traceability or traceability system that allows identifying the legal origin, authorized in accordance with this law, of cannabis plants, their seeds, their parts, their products and by-products, extracts and derivatives throughout the entire production chain ”, expressed Martín.

    Marín stressed that the authorizations to be granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) and the Ministry of Health are for medical and therapeutic purposes, in relation to licenses for planting and the endorsement of the use of the plant in medicinal, therapeutic and cosmetics, respectively.
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