The Ecological and Political Movement, “Partido Verde Ecologista”

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    The Ecological and Political Movement, “Partido Verde Ecologista” (Ecological Green Party), is working to build a group which will fight for our environment, and in that way be a green option for the 2014 election.

    That is the reason why we want you to join the party.

    In the past meeting held on April the 19th, we had an important presence of people, in this one the executive committee decided to start new information campaigns. The communication department is working to produce spots focused to be broadcasted in the Social Networks and other Medias, through them costaricans are invited to join the environmental cause, 4 spots have been produced, and we have seen that the message was received by children, young & adult people.

    Moreover, we have decided to work in other kind of advertising, developing “Informative banners”, these ones with non-political messages, but rather showing ecological tips, this is a way to emphasize the eco-culture the party wants to promote, and lower the human damage over the world. We’ll catch the interest of the people with this advertising.

    We are really interested you join our ecological and political group, as you read our two man goals of this strategy are:

    1) Effective ecological communication.
    2) Introduce PVE to Costaricans.

    How to participate?

    We need the donation of one or two banner to be placed in very important sectors of daily traffic; specifically La Unión de Tres Ríos and the main street in Cartago located in Ochomogo, where we already get the spaces to place the banners. Unfortunately we don’t have enough budget to all we need to cover, that is the reason why we are requesting donations from people who care the environment and eco-friendly companies as well. People had provided their uninterested support, but we need more to become real this project.
    We can get each banner in the amount of 45.000 colones or 95 dollars approximately.A special activity will be done the day when the banners be placed, as well as waste picking up by young people party. Be part of this change …

    Diego Soto
    Graphic Design and promotion
    Phone: 86251225
    Carlos R Arrieta Jimenez
    Jefe de Acción Política y Comunicación
    Phones: 86984760, 2551-2959
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