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    Strong Decisions on the Subject of Public Employment

    Tough times, merit brave decisions. The country is facing a complex situation, among other areas, in the subject of public employment. In our case,...

    Costa Rica Retirement: Fewer Rules = More Responsibility

    It is all very complicated, with many pros and cons as to when regulation is a good thing and when it is not. Perhaps freedom from onerous regulations means an increased level of personal responsibility.

    Costa Rica Announced Launch of Israel Allies Caucus in Parliament

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - On July 5th, 2015, Costa Rica made an official announcement and became the 33rd country in the world...

    Costa Rica Government Promises to Approve Gay Civil Unions

    San Jose - After meeting with members of the LGBT groups, the minister of the presidency, Carlos Benavidades, has reaffirmed that the government is...

    Costa Rica Government Believes That Lawsuit Against President Laura Chinchilla will be Dismissed

    San Jose - Costa Rica's government expressed confidence that the Supreme Court will reject the claim that a group of citizens filed against the...

    The Ecological and Political Movement, “Partido Verde Ecologista”

    The Ecological and Political Movement, “Partido Verde Ecologista” (Ecological Green Party), is working to build a group which will fight for our environment, and...

    Costa Rica’s government vows better food safety

    The government has announced new guidelines to strengthen the surveillance in agricultural food production and improve sanitary conditions in places where food is prepared and sold.

    Costa Rica rated higher in 2011 Index of Economic Freedom

    This year, Costa Rica improved in the Index of Economic Freedom, which is published in January of each year by the Heritage Foundation and The...
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