Costa Rica Announced Launch of Israel Allies Caucus in Parliament

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – On July 5th, 2015, Costa Rica made an official announcement and became the 33rd country in the world to launch an Israel Allies Caucus in their parliament.

    The caucus was made possible by The Israel Allies Foundation, which promotes the State of Israel right to exist in peace within its secure borders.

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    According to The Jerusalem Post, the Costa Rican Israel Allies Caucus consists of Legislative President, Rafael Ortiz and a dozen other parliament members from five different parties: Karla Prendas, Paulina Ramírez, Sandra Piszk, Juan Luis Jimenez, Juan Marin and Michael Arce of the Liberationist Party; Otto Guevara, the President of the Libertarian Movement; Gonzalo Ramirez, Abelino Esquivel and Fabricio Alvarado, of the two Christian Parties; Victor Morales and Marvin Atencio Zapata, of the Official Party.

    A foundation document was signed by members of the board of the Legislative Assembly stating “the right of the State of Israel and the Jewish People to Jerusalem as its eternal capital,” and recommended “that all the countries move their Embassy to Jerusalem.”

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose, Costa Rica

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