Vegetarian Food You Will Crave, at Mantra’s Veggie Cafe

Hearty lasagna that tastes just like your great aunt Gloria’s, rich pad Thai that rivals that of even Eastern Asia, artisan pizza, authentic pesto, cheesecake, ice cream…

What could possibly be missing from the menu at Mantras?

Oh yeah, meat.

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Options for All

Mantras Veggie Cafe & Tea House has done the impossible; they have made eating vegetarian something that’s not just easy to do, but tasty as well! Along with countless gluten-free and lactose-free plates, Mantras also offers raw and vegan meals too.

Chef Pamela and Restaurant Owner Aldo are a team that’s been out on a mission to make healthy vegetarian eating accessible for seven years. At Mantras Veggie Cafe and Tea House, you won’t find any soda or drink from a powder. Instead, patrons will choose from a variety of fresh fruit juices, smoothies, coffee, tea, or the probiotic soda alternative, Kombucha. French fries are substituted for a vibrant kale salad. For vegans and those who dare, mozzarella is substituted by deceptively dairy-free almond cheese. All that, and you don’t even have to break the bank to try it!

Getting Familiar with the Alternatives

Aldo recalls a time when a young man entered the restaurant with the mentality that a lunch was not complete without a glass of cola. Aldo, then, to Pamela’s dismay, served this young customer two glasses: one with water and the other with the same unseemly amount of sugar found in popular sodas. It was a bold move, but it worked! The man quickly changed his mind and went with a smoothie instead. Even he had to admit it was tastier in the end.

For Pamela and Aldo, success is not just their customers liking the food they provide–and let’s be honest, the food is delicious–the ultimate goal is for people to know that there’s an alternative to the “normal” diet of chicken-and-rice or beef-with-potatoes and sugary drinks to which we’ve all grown so accustomed.

Helping Out Beyond the Kitchen Walls

That said, their work continues with those who have made the switch. So many people, when going vegetarian, think all they need to do is cut out meat. The supplement the whole on their plate with more bread or chips, thus becoming more of a “carbovore” than someone who actually gets all their daily nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

At Mantras, all the meals are carefully designed to make sure they offer customers a well-balanced dish that’s both nutritious and flavorful, but what happens once the guests leave? If eating vegetarian meals is something you would like to take seriously, Pamela and Aldo suggest you write down everything you’re currently eating and go from there. It’s not enough just to fill up; you’ve got to make sure you’re getting enough of the building blocks your body needs. Furthermore, they’re there to help! To learn more about changing your diet correctly, go visit Mantras and talk to them or sign up below to get in touch.

But Wait! There’s more! Mantras is “No Harm”

As it stands, you’re already going to leave Mantras feeling full and happy because your nourishing meal was so delectable, but listen to this. Aldo and Pamela have a philosophy that the food at Mantras must cause no harm to any of those involved.

This means the fruits and veggies must be organically-raised so neither the workers out in the fields nor the surrounding wildlife will experience the harsh negative effects of some fertilizers and pesticides.

This means the dairy cheese used at Mantras must come from cows who are treated fairly and allowed to live natural lives right up until the day they die.

This means the ingredients must be of local origin so as to limit fossil fuel pollution attributed to transportation.

Finally, this means that Mantras has personal relationships with the families and individuals who produce the foods used within the restaurant. “We buy from them; they eat here. We’re part of an economy,” says Aldo. How true that is.

A Family Economy

The root of the word economy comes from the Greek word for home. When you come to Mantras, that is the feeling you get–home. When you walk in the door, the servers know you by name. If you have a question, Pamela and Aldo are there to answer. Two tables down is Catherine from Wild Brews Kombucha whose product is right there in your hand. She stops by to ask how things are going. Behind her is a regular who insists that you simply must try their vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free torta chilena, but you better claim it soon! They sell out fast!

Mantra is a place where those with special dietary needs can actually feel normal. It’s a place where the people who work there actually care about you. At Mantras the food is fresh yet the flavors are familiar. It’s time to let Mantras be your new vegetarian home.

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SOURCEJordan Dobrowski
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