The Costa Rican Philharmonic and Four Singers Come Together To Offer a Concert with Themes Created With Artificial Intelligence

    The show is called "BAVAR.IA"

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    The musicians of the National Philharmonic Orchestra and four artists will join in a concert, which they will offer on August 12, with songs created with the help of ChatGPT.

    The musicians of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica and four Costa Rican artists will join in a concert, which they will offer on August 12, with songs created with the help of ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence).The show is called “BAVAR.IA”, since it is the beer brand that organizes this show that will be held at the Convention Center.

    In this concert, attendees will be able to enjoy songs from the following genres:



    Indie rock


    These genres will be interpreted by the artists Sebas Guillem, Mau Madriz, Rowena Scott and Iriabelle González.

    Purpose and passion

    “We have purpose, passion and most importantly, we are made with soul, for this reason, we decided to launch “BAVAR.IA”, a project never seen in the country that merges new technological trends making it clear that it is impossible to replace human talent,” said Andrea Quirós, Bavaria’s brand manager.

    He added: “’BAVAR.IA’ was born as a result of the brand realizing that AI is improving everyday life in many aspects, but that it lacks an essential component that gives life to everything we do in this world.

    To do an exercise on this topic, Bavaria consulted ChatGPT if it had a soul. The system responded that it was an AI model created to process language based on data, but that it does not have a soul, personal experiences, emotions or its own conscience, the beer brand said in the statement.

    How to participate for tickets to live this experience?

    Enter the site and complete the registration form to participate.

    Venue: Costa Rica Convention Center.

    Date: Saturday August 12, 2023.

    Event only for adults.

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