The Blue Moon and the ‘Invisible’ supermoon: The Astronomical Phenomena of October 2020

    During the month of October, some unique astronomical phenomena will occur, such as the blue Moon and the invisible Super Moon that you will not want to miss.

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    During this month of October 2020, the sky will give us a series of incredible astronomical phenomena, the great protagonist being the Moon with two unique shows of their kind, the Blue Moon and the ‘invisible’ Super Moon, in addition to the surprising planetary opposition from Mars that will not let you take your eyes off the sky. Here we tell you what are all the astronomical phenomena can be seen in the sky during this month and that you will not want to miss.

    Opposition of Mars – October 13th

    On Tuesday October 13, the planet Mars will be in opposition to the Sun, so the Earth will be between the Red Planet and our star, so the neighboring planet will shine in the night sky more than on any other night of the year and will be visible to the naked eye from anywhere in the world.

    Invisible Super Moon – October 16th

    On October 16, the New Moon will be the second closest to the Earth throughout the year, a phenomenon is known as the Super Moon; however, the celestial body will ‘disappear’ from the night sky due to its phase in what will be an incredible phenomenon of great beauty. On this night you can see the Moon without its usual brightness.

    Blue Moon – October 31st

    The phenomenon of the so-called Blue Moon refers to the succession of two Full Moons in the same month, something that happens every three years. Being October 1 the first and the second on October 31. On both dates, the Moon will be shown in its maximum splendor, and although it does not receive this name because of its color, it is an event that you have to appreciate in the night sky.

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