Pilar Cisneros: ‘’ Costa Rica Is a Country Impoverished by Some Inept Politicians. ’’

    The experienced journalist reappeared with a harsh message addressed to President Carlos Alvarado.

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    The experienced journalist Pilar Cisneros sent a strong message to President Carlos Alvarado, on the second day of the blockades in protest of the current economic and fiscal crisis that the country is experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the intentions to sell some State assets and the initiative to request a loan for $ 1.75 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

    “We have many reasons to be worried, sad and angry. Costa Rica is not a poor country … it is a country impoverished by some inept or irresponsible politicians. To exacerbate our current crisis to the limit, four governments were enough, ”Cisneros declared in a video originally published by the Nexo PR agency.

    “Oscar Arias achieved a fiscal surplus in his first two years. But since – according to him – Costa Rica had to be put back on track after the 2008 world crisis, Arias shot up public spending and ended 2010 with the highest fiscal deficit in Latin America: 5.5% of GDP. The number of public employees rose 20% ”, She added.

    The Peruvian-born communicator assured that:

    “We are heading straight for a debacle, that successive governments of Laura Chinchilla, Luis Guillermo Solís and Carlos Alvarado have only worsened: public spending grew 87% in the last 12 years.”

    True to his style, Cisneros, did not save anything when referring to the public sector.She indicated that the average income in this sector is three times higher than in the private sector.

    “And in exchange for what? I ask you looking into your eyes, do you receive an excellent public service? Or even worthy? Do you feel that bureaucrats and institutions help you, make things easier for you, or rather make life difficult for you with endless paperwork, taxes on taxes, and pointless requirements? ”She said

    The communicator stressed the importance of collecting taxes and reducing spending.

    “But when I speak of collecting taxes I do not necessarily mean new taxes: I mean that no government has made a real commitment to collect them. Our Ministry of Finance is a shame: it has more than 50 obsolete computer systems and few auditors to control the big evaders ”, She said.

    The journalist regretted the Executive’s actions when it comes to lowering spending.

    “The rulers hear… but they don’t act. This Legislative Assembly, one of the best in recent decades, has asked the President of the Republic, time and again, a serious plan to reduce spending. But no, the Executive’s response is basically a new plan to continue hitting those who produce and employ without reason, ”She said.

    The journalist, who for many years was co-director of Telenoticias sent a strong warning to President Alvarado.

    “You and the deputies have to exercise your power so that the weight of the crisis is equally distributed on everyone’s shoulders. It is your duty and it is our right. You and this Legislature can go down in history as true patriots if you do what you must to curb unsustainable spending. Otherwise, they will be remembered as those who gave us the last push towards the abyss ”, She concluded

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