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    Photography can be defined as the art and science that makes it possible to obtain lasting images through the use of light and capture them through some physical means. To achieve those perfect photographs today with the help of technology it is possible. Even celebrities currently use certain Apps to hide those unpleasant details that we all prefer to remain anonymous.

    The camera has become one of the most important elements in phones as it is possible to obtain better images. But they are never perfect. Therefore, in many cases it is necessary to use the Apps that we will mention below.

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    Take note, because today we present for you five powerful App to successfully retouch your photographs:

    5 – Snapseed. It is one of the best App developed by Google. Nowadays it has become an excellent way to edit your photos 100% free. Its structure stands out for having many options.
    Within it you can retouch, add contrast light effects or vignettes and also incorporate humorous elements to any of your postcards. As a curious fact, it has been selected among the best 100 Google App.

    4 – Vsco. This App stands out among the others for its filters. Through this you can edit your photographs by altering the tone, sharpness, clarity, darkness, vignettes among other elements of the postcard in question. Vsco is currently fully available for Android and iOS phone systems.

    3 – Huji. This application that allows you to give your photographs that analog touch you were looking for. Its structure is one of the best. It allows you to put reflections, filters, vintage, light blots or spots. This App has the particularity that it is widely used on social networks such as Instagram.

    2 – Mirror Lab. A very versatile APP it allows you to make “mirror” effects. It also has a range of colors with which you can adjust the intensity with which you want the chosen color to be highlighted in the photo. It is a new App, available for Android and iOS systems that allows you to make and highlight new elements of the image composition.

    1- Golden Hour. This App, although it was not designed to retouch or modify photographs could not be missing in this count. What makes this one different from the others is that it was designed to tell you what time of day, depending on the weather and the quality of light, you will get a perfect and quality photograph. It depends on what you want to capture as an image, it will tell you the right time for that purpose.

    It will also show you the time periods where the image can have better quality, how long that moment will last, the best time of day and the moment when the possible future image begins to lose resolution. At which point you will get a poor photo.

    In this way, the next time you need to retouch an image for any reason, be it aesthetic, shape or background, you will be able to use some of these photography Apps without major complications.

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