The 9 Best Extreme Sports in Costa Rica

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    If you are passionate about adventure and extreme sports, there is no better place for you than Costa Rica. Imagine that feeling of pure adrenaline while you are in the air, the water or the land, surrounded by exuberant nature and incredible landscapes.

    Here we give you 9 activities that will make you feel more alive than ever:


    We recommend doing it in the Osa Peninsula (in the southern part of the country), where the wildlife is impressive. If you are not a professional, make sure you get in the water, when the waves are not too big, since you will have to paddle a lot to get over it and not get knocked over. When you have advanced enough, you will be able to enjoy the nature that surrounds you in its maximum splendor and you will see the border with Panama in the distance.


    Have you ever wished you had wings to fly? Here your dream will come true. We assure you that you will feel your adrenaline level reach the limit, when you are on top of a mountain, ready to run straight to the precipice. The best place to do it is on the Caldera coast, Puntarenas. With the help of an instructor and a lot of courage you will be able to live the wonderful experience of flying like a bird and seeing Costa Rica from above. This is one of those “anecdotes to tell the grandchildren”.


    If you already know how to dive, there are many spectacular sites that you can explore and if you have never done it, you can get your license here, in Costa Rica. In this country you will find a true diving paradise. We suggest you venture into both the Pacific and the Atlantic, since this way you will be able to see a greater diversity of species. You are very likely to see animals like octopuses, jellyfish, moray eels, and even sharks! But do not panic, just make sure you show respect to the animals of Costa Rica and follow your teacher’s instructions.

    Mountain Trail Biking (MTB)

    Costa Rica is a very mountainous country; here the relief is worthy of admiration. This is something that mountain bikers know how to take advantage of like no one else. Imagine the most extreme bike ride of your life and you still won’t be able to understand the emotion that is experienced, until you do it. This daring sport is practiced in many places, but we recommend Limón, Bagaces, Nicoya and Arenal. In these areas there are some Bike Parks, which are a very good option, because there are no cars.


    The good thing about this sport is that whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will enjoy it the same. In Costa Rica there are many rivers with different depths and currents for all levels of experience. The most popular are Pacuare, Sarapiquí, Balsa, Chirripó and Tenorio. If you are not a professional, it is essential that you do it on a tour with expert guides. They will give you all the instructions and safety regulations so that you are not in danger. It is deal to do it with friends or family, because it requires a lot of teamwork.


    It is one of the most popular sports in the country because there is a great variety of beaches and many are fabulous for surfing in Costa Rica. Professionals and beginners from all over the world come to Costa Rica, longing for the waves of its best beaches; among them Santa Teresa, Matapalo, Malpaís, Hermosa and Playa Guiones. If you like Surfing or want to learn, this is a country that you must visit.


    It is an exciting way to enjoy nature while doing sports. Descend from mountains, rocks, and peaks; going through waterfalls of fresh water. Rappel is not only a very fun activity to do in a group; it is also an excellent exercise to burn fat and tone muscles. One of the best places to do it is without a doubt San Carlos.


    In Costa Rica climbing the mountain with a harness is as fun as going down it. When you climb, (as opposed to rappelling) you must climb huge rocks and mountains until you reach the summit, where you will be rewarded with an impressive view from above. This is also an excellent exercise, as it works all the muscles and strengthens your body. We recommend Cerro de la Muerte and Pico Blanco.


    One of the most popular activities in Costa Rica; You can do it in many areas of the country, however we recommend Monteverde, Manuel Antonio Park, and Arenal Volcano as the best. You will go up to different stations, high up in the trees; where you will slide from one tree to another, through a steel cable. You will be able to see all of nature from above. It is very exciting!

    As you will see, getting bored in Costa Rica is not an option. You choose which of these extreme sports you want to experience, or do you dare to do them all? Cheer up! Surely it will be a phenomenal experience…

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